Zhang Guo Lao
Zhang Guo Lao
Personal Info
Full Name Zhang Guo Lao
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
Status Unknown
Symbol Drum
Demon Po Kong
General Info
Base of Operations China
Occupation Immortal
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 2

The Immortal Zhang Guo Lao, the hermit alchemist. His symbol is a Yu Ku, a fish drum made of bamboo. He is the Immortal who banished Po Kong to the Netherworld.

Zhang Guo Lao was an actual figure from Taoist mythology. He is said to have lived several hundred years, and that he was born toward the end of th 600s, which would put him during the Tang Dynasty. Various emperors invited him to their court, but he always refused. He could go without food for four days by only sipping wine. He is seen riding a magical white mule.


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