Black Hand

The Yokonowa Crime Family: the leader (center) surrounded by his thugs.

The Yokonowa Crime Family are a minor gang in San Francisco, who planned a heist to steal the Kyoto Octopus.


Captain Black, fearing that the Yokonowa intended to rob the Japanese cultural expo, asked Jackie Chan to help guard the artifact. Two of the Yokonowa spotted Tohru when he visited a sushi restaurant serving as their hideout and recognized him as a former employee of Valmont. Their leader, a bearded man who enjoyed playing with a yo-yo, offered Tohru a job during the Kyoto Octopus heist, and Tohru made a pretense of accepting. He also informed the Yokonowa that Jackie would be on security detail, and was tasked with eliminating him.

The Yokonowa attacked the expo with smoke bombs, but Tohru turned on them, having informed Jackie of their plans. The two proved more than a match for the Yokonowa thugs, but were exposed to knock out gas and held hostage. Jade Chan had taken the octopus for safekeeping, and the Yokonowa called Uncle Chan to demand that he deliver the artifact to their hideout. However, the Yokonowa fully intended to kill Jackie and Tohru by lowering them into a shark tank, and tried to do the same to Uncle and Mama Tohru when they arrived with the octopus.

Jackie and Tohru were able to escape the shark tank successfully, and the two elders swiftly subdued the Yokonowa thugs. Their leader hid after locking Jade, who had followed Uncle, in a cabinet, but after being found was caught and knocked out. The Yokonowa members were soon arrested and taken into custody by Section 13.

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