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Xiao Fung
Xiao Fung.png
Personal Info
Full Name Xiao Fung the Wind Demon
Japanese Name ケロロ (keroro, "frog")
Alias Demon of the Wind
Race Demon Sorcerer
Age Unspecified; 900+ years
Nationality Chinese
Sign ☴ (wind)
Banisher Lü Dongbin
Weakness Fan
Family Bai Tza (sister)
Dai Gui (brother)
Hsi Wu (brother)
Po Kong (sister)
Shendu (brother)
Tchang Zu (brother)
Tso Lan (brother)
Drago (nephew)
General Info
Base of Operations Netherworld
Portal Location Hollowlands Penitentiary
Previous Affiliation Enforcers
Debut Season 2 Episode 5
Closing Season 2 Episode 28
English Glenn Shadix

"So good to see you again... In fact- (transforms to true form) -I'm all abluster!"
— To Jackie Chan

Xiao Fung is a Demon Sorcerer - specifically the Wind Demon - and one of Shendu's seven siblings who were trapped in the Netherworld, making him one of the Demon Portals story arc antagonists of Season 2.


Xiao Fung resembles to a large, lilac-skinned frog with a permanently puffed-up neck. He wears several pieces of dark blue clothing and has green bony armor covering his back and head, similar to an armadillo.

He is the second smallest demon in the family with the smallest being Hsi Wu.


Xiao Fung has a slightly oily demeanor. Compared to his siblings, he appears to be civil and reasonable, as he pleaded for a nonviolent solution in the Netherworld to the problem of only one Demon Sorcerer being able to escape through Shendu's Demon Portal - he also appears to be one of the most talkative and vocal among the imprisoned demons in spite of this preference for diplomacy. Xiao Fung is somewhat cunning like Shendu and Bai Tza, and was also self-serving when cooperation with his siblings wasn't called for; aiding Shendu and Valmont solely to avoid being burdened with taking over Shendu's task of freeing their remaining siblings, and prioritising keeping the Chan Clan incapacitated with his wind-breath when warned by Shendu that they possessed the chi-spell that could re-banish him.

Though more diplomatic than most of the Demon Sorcerers, Xiao Fung is also one of the more sadistic; as he took glee in violently demonstrating his wind-breath's power to (and on) the Enforcers upon being freed, he sounded particularly eager to see Shendu tortured after his arrival in the Netherworld in spirit form, and he was highly engaged by a gladiatorial match in his palace in the altered reality (which he demanded his slave gladiators see through "to the finish").

When working alongside Finn and Ratso after being freed into Hollowlands Penitentiary, Xiao Fung appeared to get on relatively well with them based on their interactions with him, despite his disregard for their physical wellbeing twice when he used his wind-breath too near them. Xiao was never observed to shout loudly at the Enforcers or make harsh demands of them, and was somewhat talkative to them and "Chance Jackson" upon being freed; Finn and Ratso by comparison were relatively copasetic towards Xiao Fung, and Finn was all to eager to introduce Xiao to Jackie Chan. By comparison, Xiao Fung was quick to lose his patience and snap at Shendu during their underground escape from Hollowlands when they appeared to be lost in the tunnels. Xiao Fung seems to desire seeing Shendu tormented for eternity in the Netherworld by their siblings, for leaving them all trapped there for centuries. Xiao also appears to take Jackie Chan's status as the Demon Sorcerers' official nemesis to heart, based on his reaction upon being introduced to him.

Xiao Fung particularly despises his imprisonment in the Netherworld, seemingly more so than most of the other Demon Sorcerers; calling it a "ghastly abyss", smelling a towel with pleasure upon being freed, and not caring much that he was inside a human prison as he considered it "paradise" compared to the Netherworld.



"Thousands of years ago" (as described by Tohru in Relics of Demon Past), Xiao Fung and his seven siblings terrorised the ancient world, until they were defeated one-by-one by the Eight Immortals and banished to the Netherworld - Xiao Fung and most of his siblings remained trapped there, whilst Shendu escaped and left the others to their fate. It was furthermore indicated in a flashback-montage in Relics of Demon Past that Xiao Fung's banisher sealed him inside a magic urn in the process of defeating and banishing him. Xiao Fung's Demon Portal was located in a forested North American valley, where Hollowlands Penitentiary was built - the Pan'ku Box's map specified the portal was 4,000,001 cubits above the southern hemisphere (likely placing it somewhere at the southern tip of Florida).

The location of Xiao Fung's Demon Portal and his palace's location in the altered timeline in Demon World (Part 2) indicate Xiao Fung ruled over what is now Mexico before he was originally banished.

Season 2

When Shendu's spirit ended up in the Netherworld, Xiao Fung alongside his siblings scolded Shendu for not freeing him while he was still free.

Xiao Fung's portal was located inside a washing machine at a prison in the Black Forest. Shendu, Finn and Ratso deliberately let themselves get caught by the authorities, and sought out the door. Jackie infiltrated the prison, and accidentally released the Demon. Xiao Fung disguised himself, and escaped into the tunnels beneath the prison. After a pitched battle, he was banished again.

He appeared in Demon World (Part 2), and forced El Toro Fuerte and another wrestler to battle gladiatorially. He was banished by, ironically, the fan his servant, Paco was using to fan him.

Season 5

His Chi was found at a local car wash and was accidentally absorbed by Jade, turning her bad burping habits into major windstorms. Drago managed to temporarily absorb the Chi, but it was drained before he could use his powers.

Drago was later able to absorb it with the rest of the Demon Chi in the final battle. Traces of it were infused within MC Cobra when he sent his minions to destroy Section 13.


Xiao Fung appears as a level boss in the video game Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand.

Powers and Abilities

Being the Wind Demon, Xiao Fung can control the wind. He can blow strong winds out of his mouth that can repel or attract numerous foes and objects at wild speeds. He does this by sucking the air into his mouth and releasing it as wind. His winds are so strong that even using the Rabbit Talisman isn't sufficient enough to gain control while caught in his wind blasts. He can do this for long periods without falling short of breath. He can also use his wind breath to propel himself through the air.

Like Hsi Wu, Xiao Fung can assume human form and retain his abilities during that time.

Jackie Chan Adventures Season 2 Episode 4 Rumble in the Big House.gif

Xiao Fung can also leap like a real frog.


Season 2

Season 5


  • "Indeed. Let the eternal torment begin." The Stronger Evil
  • Xiao Fung: "Not any demon. Xiao Fung, Demon of the Wind."
    Ratso: "Like breaking wind?"
    [Xiao Fung proceeds to inhale and exhale a powerful wind, knocking the Enforcers backwards]
    Xiao Fung: "Like breaking bones!" Rumble in the Big House
  • "This prison is paradise compared to the ghastly abyss I have escaped." Rumble in the Big House
  • "Concealment seems prudent. Demons appear to stick out like sore thumbs in this modern world." Rumble in the Big House
  • "One cannot cast what one cannot catch!" Rumble in the Big House
  • (upon learning Shendu lied about his Demon Portal) "There's a surprise!" The Eighth Door
  • "Surely there must be a civil way to resolve this!" The Eighth Door
  • "No mercy, gladiators! Battle to the finish!" Demon World (Part 2)


  • In Relics of Demon Past, when Jade Chan absorbed Xiao Fung's Demon Chi, it caused her to take on an appearance more akin to a real frog than the Wind Demon (webbed hands and green skin) for reasons unknown. When MC Cobra was infused with a sample of Wind Demon Chi by Drago, it altered MC's appearance to partially resemble Xiao Fung.
  • When MC Cobra briefly possessed Xiao Fung's chi, he was at one point able to channel winds through his hand rather than his mouth.
  • When the Demon Sorcerers cast their binding spell on Shendu, the beam of the spell appears to emit from Xiao Fung's mouth instead of his hands.
  • Xiao Fung is the only Demon Sorcerer to be released from the Netherworld in Shendu's absence.