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Personal Info
Nickname Beetle-Brow (Uncle)
Wing-Ding (Jade)
Mega-Brow (Jade)
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
General Info
Occupation Theater Director
Affiliation Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe
Debut/Closing Season 3 Episode 16
English Keone Young

"Beetle-Brow may be a stubborn, self-righteous, intolerant mule! But I know him to be honorable, and incorruptible."

Wing is the leader of a Chinese opera theater troupe, and an old friend of Uncle's.


Wing and Uncle were childhood friends when they both attended the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe. Despite Uncle's talent for the theater and pranking, he discovered his true calling was being a Chi Wizard and abandoned his brotherhood in the troupe as a young man. Wing and Uncle then went their separate ways. Uncle became the owner of an antiques shop and Chi Master, while Wing became the director of the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe.

The two reunited 60 years later when Wing's troupe arrived in San Francisco and Uncle attended his opera house performance. However, the two quickly parted on bad terms when Uncle's family showed their disrespect towards the theater. Unbeknownst to Wing, two of his theater troupe members exploited the magical secrets of the theater to steal artifacts from museums around the world. Jackie tried to warn Wing, but was shot down by his stubbornness. Wing eventually found out the truth when the prop cow that was used to store the various treasures they stole was burst open. Wing then concluded that it was actually his protégés that had dishonored the sanctity of the theater, and not Uncle's. Uncle then took his leave, but promised that it wouldn't be another 60 years until their next meeting.


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