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    March 23, 2017 by Sp1kle

    I am working on a Chronological timline for each season (though i am binge watching too)

    For those willing to help i need some insight on these points

    • when about jade gets cell phone(red) /she had it in "Tales of theDemon Tail"and "Agent Tag" so it was probably somewhere before that
    • Every episode she complains to jackie about not having a phone like in "Danger in The Deep Freeze"around the 14min mark. Listed below
    1. Danger in The Deep Freeze
    2. Lost City of the Muntabs

    When i have a finished a season i will add below for feedback

    • Season 1


    1. The Dark Hand
    2. The Power Within
    3. The Mask Of El Toro Fuerte
    4. Snake Hunt
    5. Enter The Viper
    6. Shell Game
    7. Through The Rabbit Hole
    8. Project A, For Astral
    9. Bullies
    10. Tough Break
    11. The Rock
    12. The Warrior Incarnate
    13. The Jade Monkey
    14. The Dog And P…

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