Degrassigirl07 Degrassigirl07 16 August 2015

Jade Chan: My Thoughts

Not only is Jade a great character in Jackie Chan Adventures, she also makes a great main character in fanfiction as well.

In my mind, Jade Chan is simply an inspiration. She really inspires me to write, as well as cook up some really neat stories about her as well. Case in point: “Confessions of a Hollywood Celebrity”.

In “Confessions of a Hollywood Celebrity”, Jade is thirteen years old, and has been a star ever since she was eleven. She has to deal with all the things that most stars deal with: paparazzi, articles about her in the newspapers and magazines and having to deal with photographers that want her picture too. Luckily, she manages to keep herself on the straight and narrow. How does she accomplish this? She stays away from drugs …

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