Kilmarnock228 is a long-time fan of Jackie Chan Adventures; the only episode he absolutely cannot stand is The J-Tots.


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Jackie Chan Adventures: Wrath of Demons

Just when the J-Team thought their work was done, an evil alliance is formed to take vengeance on them. Guided by Daolon Wong, who was imprisoned for some time by the Dark Hand due to his previous use of the Deja Vu Stone, the evil Magisters steal the Mask of Tarakudo and, combining it with the Chi within the Three Wise Monkeys and the Demon Chi that still remains from various banishments, unleash the Demon Sorcerers, Oni, and Shadowkhan upon the world once again! With the Netherworld and Oni Masks destroyed, the heroes must find an alternative means of defeating the demons-and the answer lies in the previously untold story of Shendu's wife and Uncle's mentor, Chi Master Fong. Shendu's wife-the mother of Drago-was herself a Demon Sorceress, and after Shendu was imprisoned she managed to free him from the Demon Netherworld by infusing him with the power of the Talismans, stolen from the Chinese Zodiac animals!

Prior to his own demise at the hands of Daolon Wong, Fong discovered a way of fusing a demon with the magical or elemental forces from which they were first conjured, essentially ending their existence, and used it to defeat this vile sorceress. But if our heroes are to have any chance of employing Fong's method against the Demons, they'll need the help of every ally they can muster: from the animated statues of Lo Pei and Quetzalcoatl to their formerly evil clones, and from the J-Team of the future (including the married Jackie and Viper and the dating Jade and Jimmy) to The Eight Immortals! But in the end, victory may depend on the Jade Chans of present and future unlocking their true destiny... as the Chosen One.

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