Uncle's Rare Finds

Uncle's shop Season 1 (1)

San Francisco, USA
Primary Function
Uncle and Tohru's base of operation, sale of antiques, library, magic research
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Uncle's Rare Finds is an antique shop owned by Uncle that appears frequently in the series. It also contains a library and research lab to study magical subjects.


The shop is located in Chinatown, San Francisco, and has probably been around for more than forty years. The shop itself is located on the main floor, and there is an upper level that is used for extra storage. There is also a library and a spare room in the back where Uncle practices chi spells. This is also where he keeps his ingredients for the spells, as well as other valuable objects. A running gag throught the series is Uncle being called away to find artifacts, assist in magic activities, and travel around the world, leaving the shop in the care of whoever happens to be available at the time, often resulting in some form of disaster. Uncle has a strict no-pet policy.


  • The antiques store was previously a disco shop and an 8-track store.
  • According to the official site, Uncle has never made a sale in his shop.
  • Captain Black, when asked to "watch the shop" by Uncle, began to study from Uncle's chi spell books with humorous consequences.
  • Daolon Wong referred to the shop as Uncle's "trash heap".
  • Mama Tohru referred to the shop as Uncle's "junk shop".
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