Time-Traveling Crystal Ball
Time-travelling crystal ball.jpg
General Info
Name Time-Traveling Crystal Ball
Type Magical Object
Ability Creates portals used for time-traveling
User Valmont
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 1

The Time-Traveling Crystal Ball is a magical crystal ball that creates tunnels that can be used to travel through time. The ball's diameter is about as wide as Tohru's palm. The glass is colored turquoise, and the bottom is supported by a brownish-yellow ornamental metal with flame-like patterns. When the crystal ball is activated, it emits glowing, green sparks, after which a green time portal appears in the air.

When Jade uses the Rabbit Talisman after it's hit by Kepler's chronoton beam, she ends up in the year 1976 and leaves an open time portal behind. The Enforcers witness this and report it to Valmont and Shendu. Valmont orders them to follow Jade through the portal and retrieve the Rabbit Talisman, but not before Shendu summons a Shadowkhan that gives the Enforcers the time-traveling crystal ball in order to secure their return since time portals are unidirectional.

The crystal ball and the Rabbit Talisman are fought over between the Dark Hand, Jade, Jackie and the past versions of Valmont, Jackie and Uncle. Eventually, the crystal is activated when Jade and the past Valmont fight over it, and the resulting time portal is quickly used by all the time-travelers.

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