Through the Rabbit Hole
Season 2 Episode 1
Episode 14
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA (2001, 1976, 1900s)
Aired on September 8, 2001
Production Number 07
Written by David Slack
Directed by Michael Chang
Produced by Michael Goguen
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Through the Rabbit Hole is the fourteenth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


In a mix of science and magic, the Rabbit Talisman sends Jade back in time to 1976, where she encounters younger versions of Jackie, Uncle and even Valmont. However when Shendu sends the Enforcers back to recover the Talisman (Which Jackie follows), they decide to try to change history by getting rid of the younger Jackie Chan.


Jade begs Jackie to let her take the Rabbit Talisman to school to show off to her classmates, who-understandably-don't believe her stories about magic and adventure. Jackie refuses, and shows Jade a scar he obtained from a similar attempt at showing off in his youth. However, Jade takes the talisman without Jackie's knowledge, only for it to be struck by a blast from Kepler's chronoton beam when she ducks into his lab. She then leaves for school, only to be spotted by the Enforcers as they sit in a donut shop, with their Talisman Locator picking up the talisman on her person.

Running late for school, Jade uses the Talisman, only for it to emit green energy that opens into a portal, through which she travels. She arrives at the front step of her school, but upon entering her class finds that that the students and Miss Hartman are all dressed strangely. Seeing a calendar, she realizes that she has somehow traveled back in time to 1976. Even more shocking, a new student-whom Jade has been mistaken for-enters the class and introduces Jackie Chan.

While Jade fruitlessly attempts to make her way back to the present, the Enforcers report what they saw to Valmont and Shendu. Shendu correctly deduces that Jade has traveled back through time, and provides the group with a Time-Traveling Crystal Ball so they can return after recovering the talisman. Jackie, having heard from Uncle that Jade didn't show up to school, goes looking for her, and is soon following a trail of chronoton particles with Kepler. Jade spots Jackie and saves him from falling off a fence onto a bike rack, resulting in present day Jackie losing his scar.

The Enforcers follow Jade through the portal, where Finn is delighted to find himself in the 1970s rather than prehistoric times as feared. The four then track Jade and the young Jackie to Uncle's Rare Finds, which in the 70s is a store for 8-track tapes. The younger Uncle fights the criminals while the kids make their escape, but Tohru subdues him and they follow young Jackie and Jade. After the Chans give them the slip, Ratso hits upon the idea of finding young Valmont and asking him for help; surprisingly, he is living in San Francisco as an exchange student.

Jackie and Kepler find Jade's portal, and Jackie enters it upon realizing that Jade is altering the past. Young Valmont, inspired by his future minions, helps them abduct Uncle and hold him hostage at his host parents' home. Jade and young Jackie discover this, and young Jackie follows Jade despite her instructions. Jackie, finding the ransom note as well, follows both of them.

Jade attempts to rescue young Uncle, only for young Jackie to end up nearly drowning in a nearby pool, which begins to affect his future self. Jade rescues him, but Tohru obtains the Rabbit Talisman; when Jackie arrives, the Enforcers flee. Unbeknownst to them, young Jackie-after meeting and recognizing his future self-reveals that he stole the crystal ball from Finn. The four Chans then pursue young Valmont and the Enforcers, and engage the villains in a battle for the two artifacts.

Tohru manages to secure both, but then loses the ball to young Jackie, who tosses it to his older self. Tohru threatens young Jackie in order to regain it, only for Jackie-insincerely-and Jade-all too seriously-to threaten young Valmont. Valmont seizes the ball, and while struggling with Jade it is activated. Tohru and Jackie swiftly follow Jade through the portal back to the present, while Ratso and Chow dragging along an unwilling Finn.

Jackie recovers the talisman from Tohru in the portal and then knocks him back into his comrades, who land even further back in time. Jackie and Jade return to the present, the portal closing behind them. Kepler is puzzled by the whole sequence of events and scoffs when Jade cites the talisman's magic. She turns to ask Jackie to borrow the talisman so she can prove it, only to realize that she's asking to do the very thing that started the whole mess. Back at Dark Hand headquarters, Valmont is impatiently awaiting the return of his men, only for them to appear as decrepit old men, having been forced to return to the present "the long way".





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, September 8, 2001
  • UK: BBC Two (CBBC) - Sunday, January 26, 2003


  • This is the first of several season two episodes to take place during the events of season one, some time after the events of Shell Game.
  • The song "Kung Fu Fighting" is referenced during the fight at the school dance in the past.
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