Noble Yak
Noble yak.jpg
General Info
Name Unknown
Alias Ox Talisman
Type Noble Animal
Ability Enhanced Strength
Sign Ox
User Daolon Wong, Uncle, Shendu
First Apperance Season 3 Episode 12
Last Appearance Season 3 Episode 15

The Noble Yak was a Noble Animal that was found on a mountain top in the Himalayas. After the Talismans were destroyed by Jackie Chan, he received the power of the Ox Talisman until it was taken by Shendu and later transferred into the new Ox Talisman.



The yak is a bovine with a bulky frame, sturdy legs, and rounded cloven hooves. He has a short neck with a pronounced hump over the shoulders and has small ears and a wide forehead, with smooth, dark gray horns. He has dense woolly fur that hangs down lower than the belly. The fur is tan in color except for a patch of dark brown over his shoulders. Because he is a domesticated yak, he is smaller than a wild yak and has a nose ring.

Powers and Abilities

The power of the Ox Talisman activates, as seen in the yak's eyes.

While hosting the powers of the Ox Talisman, the Yak possessed enhanced strength and durability. He was shown to be capable of cracking open the side of a mountain when motivated to find Jade's protein bar.



  • Jackie Chan (in season one) was once transformed into a yak by the power of the Monkey Talisman.
  • There was a yak in the episode where the monks thought that Tohru was The Chosen One. It is possible that this yak is the same as the Noble Animal Yak.
  • Although the yak's sex is not stated, it is assumed to be male due to his horns. In yaks, males have horns that sweep out from the sides of the head, and then curve forward; The horns of females are smaller, and have a more upright shape.
  • While the country where the Yak was discovered is not mentioned, it is assumed to be set in the mountains of India, China, or Tibet, as this is where yaks are most often found.
  • Yaks belong to the genus Bos, and are therefore a member of the bovine or cattle family. Although it may be more closely related to bison than to other cattle (such as oxen), it still qualifies to receive the Talisman powers according to the Chinese zodiac (which seems to make no distinction between cattle types as long as they are domesticated, such as cows, oxen, and yaks.) In fact, yaks were originally designated as Bos grunniens--"grunting ox."
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