The Tiger and the Pussycat
Season 1 Episode 12
Episode 12
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on March 10, 2001
Production Number 15
Written by David Slack
Directed by Bryan Andrews
Produced by Solon So
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The Tiger and the Pussycat is the twelfth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie gets the Tiger Talisman and its power splits Jackie into his light and dark sides. The Dark Jackie gives the talismans to Valmont, who then revives Shendu.


At a county fair, Jackie and Jade search for the Tiger Talisman, which has somehow ended up in one of the pies being used for a pie-eating contest. The two find themselves competing against Tohru, only for an elderly contestant to bite into the talisman. Jackie and Jade then escape with it, much to Tohru's chagrin. Shendu is utterly infuriated with the Dark Hand's latest failure, especially given the approach of Chinese New Year. Faced with the prospect of being denied the Lost Treasure of Ching Xi Hung, Valmont decides to take the fight to Jackie.

Uncle determines that the Tiger Talisman possesses the power of spiritual balance, and Jackie leaves to take it to Section 13. However, he discovers a crack, and the talisman then splits into two. As a result, Jackie is also split into two separate beings. One goes running to Uncle in tears after stepping on a bug, while the other devours the New Year's candy Jade had been denied.

After reporting these incidents to each other, Jade and Uncle call out to Jackie, and all four are stunned when the two split versions appear. Uncle quickly determines that Jackie's yin and yang have been separated from each other. However, the two have no desire to be merged back into a single Jackie. While Jackie-Dark and Uncle are bickering over the matter, the Enforcers-backed by several other Dark Hand thugs-arrive to invade the shop.

Jackie-Lite flees with Jade in tow, while Jackie-Dark eagerly engages the villains, handily subduing several thugs, including Tohru, Finn, and Chow (whose glasses and jacket he steals). Jackie-Lite, meanwhile, is pursued by Ratso and two others, while Jackie-Dark soon begins chasing Finn and Chow as they flee in a car. However, he is then knocked out and captured by Tohru, while Ratso captures Jackie-Lite after chasing him into the midst of a Chinese New Year street performance.

As Valmont is about to interrogate Jackie-Dark, Ratso calls to inform him of Jackie-Lite's capture. Shendu comes to the same conclusion as Uncle, and Valmont soon determines that he has the dark side of Jackie in custody as Jackie-Dark bonds with Finn and Chow. As such, he offers Jackie-Dark a deal: the Talismans in Section 13 in exchange for a fortune. Jade succeeds in rescuing Jackie-Lite from Ratso' group by setting off fireworks, and is then informed of Jackie-Dark's capture.

The two then rush to Section 13, and Jade has Jackie-Lite remain outside while she goes inside to ask Captain Black for help. She also takes his half of the Tiger Talisman for safety; unfortunately, Jackie-Dark passes in the hallway outside Black's office as she's trying to ask for help. Having stolen the Talismans, Jackie-Dark makes his way back outside and runs into Jackie-Lite, from whom he attempts to recover the missing half of the Tiger Talisman. Not finding it, he shoves Jackie-Lite into the phone booth entrance, and he informs Jade of the situation.

After failing to reason with Jackie-Dark, Jade attacks him, only to be attacked in turn. Fortunately, Jackie-Lite comes to her aid, and Jade is able to recover the box containing the talismans just as the two begin fighting. Jade tries to get into the box in order to get some talisman backup for Jackie-Lite. Tohru, waiting for Jackie-Dark, is rudely ordered to intervene by Valmont, and angrily complies.

Jade is captured and taken away by Tohru with the talismans, and Jackie-Lite convinces Jackie-Dark to help rescue her. Valmont adds the talismans to Shendu, only to find that half of the Tiger Talisman is still missing. Tohru and the other Enforcers leave his office only to run into the Jackies, who defeat them before being engaged by the Shadowkhan. Valmont guesses that Jade is hiding the missing talisman half, which he recovers from her just as the Jackies enter his office. He slams the fragment into place, reuniting the separated Jackies...and bringing Shendu to life at last.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, March 10, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, December 8, 2001


  • The Dragon Talisman can be seen in the vault with the other Talismans when Jackie-Dark is stealing them, and later in the box with the other Talismans after Jade opens it, when it should have been already inside Shendu.
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