The Return of the Pussycat
Season 2 Episode 20
Episode 33
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on December 1, 2001
Production Number 33
Written by Mark Seidenburg
Directed by Chuck Drost
Produced by Solon So
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The Return of the Pussycat is the thirty-third episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie and Uncle are supposed to explore an underground city the same night as Jade's theatrical debut. Jade's upset that no one will be there to see her perform, and comes up with a solution. An ancient evil is freed from the underground city seeking revenge on the descendants of the one who imprisoned it.


As Jackie is preparing for an archaeological expedition, Jade approaches him and reminds him about her school play, a production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jackie regrets not being able to attend, but notes that he and Uncle have to investigate an underground portion of the city that has been accessible for decades. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Jade slips Jackie the Tiger Talisman, resulting in him splitting once again into Jackie-Lite and Jackie-Dark. Jackie-Dark is thrilled to be liberated, but Jackie-Lite insists that the pair reunite.

When Uncle arrives to collect Jackie, Jade hides the talisman halves and the two Jackies, and manages to distract him by claiming he hasn't picked up part of her costume. Jade decides to take Jackie-Dark to watch her play, and Uncle returns and collects Jackie-Lite to enter the subterranean city. The two soon find the Bizarretoreum, a museum of oddities from across the globe. Unfortunately, Jackie-Lite accidentally breaks open one of the exhibits, releasing the monstrous Spring-Heeled Jack.

Jack, long ago imprisoned by the museum's founder Simon Magus, seeks revenge by finding and feeding on Magus' relatives, and takes off to find them. At Jade's school, her play is going on, but Jackie-Dark proves a disruptive audience member and later leaps on stage during the performance. Jackie and Uncle pursue Spring-Heeled Jack to the surface, but the troll proves a dangerous adversary. Meanwhile, Jackie-Dark commandeers Jade's play, taking on the titular role himself, while Jackie-Lite calls Jade for help.

When Jackie-Dark proves reluctant, Jade persuades him to go to Jackie-Lite's aid, and follows him despite his instructions to stay at the school. Spring-Heeled Jack continues his search for Magus family members, only to be intercepted by the Jackies and Uncle. The two halves of Jackie prove formidable foes, but Spring-Heeled Jack is able to escape just as Jade arrives to help. Unfortunately, Jackie-Dark starts to sympathize with the recently escaped troll, and the two forge an alliance.

Fortunately, Jade is soon able to convince Jackie-Dark to turn against his new friend while Uncle goes to retrieve the Tiger Talisman. Jade and the two Jackies follow Spring-Heeled Jack, and all four end up riding a runaway trolley towards Jade's school. This proves to be Jack's destination, with his target being Jade's friend Simone Magus. Uncle then arrives with the talisman, which he tosses to the Jackies only to have Jackie-Dark toss it to Jack.

Spring-Heeled Jack is then split into good and evil halves as well, with the good Jack seeking to protect Simone from his dark side. He gives the Chans the knowledge needed to stop the evil Jack: restraining him so that they can sprinkle salt on him. They succeed, and the two Jacks are then reunited, and the salt turns the reunited being back into stone. Jackie-Lite and Jackie-Dark then reunite as well, and return Spring-Heeled Jack to the Bizarretoreum. Jackie still has to write up his notes on the expedition, but is quickly persuaded to attend another performance of Jade's play first.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday December 1, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday July 20, 2002


  • This is the only episode in which Yang Jackie willingly reunited with Yin Jackie.
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