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The Niece
Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
Status Deceased
Family Hong Kong Kid (uncle)
Jade Chan (descendant)
General Info
Base of Operations Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Previous Occupation Deputy
Affiliation Hong Kong Kid
Old Peddler
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 12
English Stacie Chan
Jennifer Darling
Japanese Yoko Honna
Hungarian Bogdányi Titanilla

The Niece was a young woman from Hong Kong who arrived to America to live with her uncle. The niece was envisioned as Jade Chan (at her insistence) in Jackie's telling of the novel The Hong Kong Kid.


She either resembles Jade or is very tall and 15 years old. She has Jade's personality, being clever, getting into trouble, and is adventurous.


The Niece arrived to America by the time her uncle became the sheriff of the town. The Niece accompanied him on his job and even appointed herself as deputy. He got her to speak with the Mayor after one of the prison cells collapsed. She overheard the Mayor plotting a heist and was caught, but she managed to get out of it by pretending to only speak Chinese. She pointed her uncle over to the wise old peddler after he was challenged by the Mayor and his cronies to a showdown at the lucky corral. The Niece and the peddler both saved the Hong Kong Kid from the Mayor when the peddler used his concoction to disarm him.

She later joined the peddler and her uncle on their new journeys in the old west, working as the peddler's assistant which involved making him tea.



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