The New Atlantis
Season 2 Episode 25
Episode 38
General Information
Setting Rome, Italy
San Francisco, USA
Aired on February 2, 2002
Production Number 38
Written by David Slack
Directed by Alan Caldwell
Produced by Michael Goguen
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The New Atlantis is the thirty-eighth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The Dark Hand releases Bai Tza, the Water Demon. She seeks out her old kingdom – Atlantis, but when she finds it in ruins, she chooses to drown San Francisco as a new home with some information from Finn. Meanwhile, Valmont manages to render Shendu out cold and seeks help from the Chans to exorcise him from his body. However as Uncle is preoccupied with finding a spell to stop the flood, so the Chans with Valmont have to face Bai Tza without him.


In Rome, Jackie and Uncle rush to stop the last Demon Sorcerer from being unleashed upon the world. In an ancient ruin, the Dark Hand release Bai Tza, who anticipates reclaiming her empire. However, when Shendu asks him to free him from Valmont, she refuses, based on the fact that their other siblings were banished back to the Netherworld after he released them. Jackie and Uncle then arrive, and Bai Tza flees, with the pair pursuing her after a brief clash with the Dark Hand.

In the ensuing chase, Bai Tza is struck and turns into a puddle of water; Jackie and Uncle then run into Jade and Tohru. While they are talking, Bai Tza reforms, and then escapes into a nearby fountain after Uncle attempts to banish her. The Chans and Tohru return to Uncle's Rare Finds, where they begin research in hopes of locating Bai Tza's former kingdom: Atlantis. Bai Tza reaches her former domain but finds it crumbled, and sets out to find a new one.

Back at their hideout in Helm's Fish Cannery, Shendu begins using various potions to transform Valmont's body to better suit his tastes. Bai Tza then appears, once again refusing to separate the two. After interrogating Finn, she learns about the San Andreas Fault, and decides to make San Francisco her new capital. The Enforcers leave in order to evade the imminent flood, while Shendu prepares to give Valmont gills.

Fed up with Shendu's abuse, Valmont grabs the Pan'ku Box, triggering an adverse reaction between its good magic and Shendu. Shendu is knocked unconscious, and Valmont-restored to normal otherwise-heads to Uncle's Rare Finds. He asks the Chans to rid him of Shendu, and reveals not only the location of his hideout but also that Bai Tza is in San Francisco. Uncle begins research on a spell to exorcise Shendu, after placing a mark on Valmont's forehead to keep the demon suppressed.

Reluctantly, Jackie and Tohru head out to find Bai Tza, accompanied by Valmont and his lone remaining minion, Hak Foo. Jade, having tagged along as usual, spots Bai Tza heading down into a subway station. The group-minus Hak Foo-follows her, and witnesses her beginning a ritual to unleash a flood that will trigger an earthquake. After alerting Uncle to the situation, Jackie goes to interfere with Bai Tza's efforts while Tohru prepares a banishing spell.

Bai Tza soon spots Jackie and attacks, and manages to complete her summoning spell despite his and Tohru's efforts. With her uncle and friend on the ropes, Jade urges Valmont to intervene. Unfortunately, Bai Tza washes the mark suppressing Shendu off of his forehead, and the Fire Demon joins his sister in engaging Jackie and Tohru. Luckily, Uncle arrives and reverses Bai Tza's spell before a quake can occur, and both Shendu and Bai Tza flee.





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  • Bai Tsa's line "I want to hold your hand!" is a reference to the Beatles song of the same name.


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, February 2, 2002
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, March 23, 2002
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