The Mother of All Battles
Season 2 Episode 4
Episode 17
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on September 24, 2001
Production Number 17
Written by Dean Stefan
Directed by Andy Thom
Produced by Dean Stefan
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The Mother of All Battles is the seventeenth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Tohru's mother comes to visit him and clashes with Uncle. Meanwhile, Tohru is almost seduced by the Yokonowa Crime Family to return to crime and help them steal the statue of the Kyoto Octopus.


When Jade finds Tohru uncharacteristically despondent when she tries to talk about the upcoming Japanese Cultural Expo, she learns that his mother is coming to visit. Jade is surprised, and then learns that Tohru has always struggled to impress her despite greatly wishing to. Tohru's mother than arrives, and the snappish woman instantly begins to clash with Uncle. She also belittles his current job and living situation, unaware that his previous employer, Valmont, was a criminal.

As Jackie attempts to make peace between the clashing elders, Captain Black calls him asking for his help in protecting the valuable Kyoto Octopus from the Yokonowa Crime Family. Tohru then walks his mother to a hotel, only to be berated for not having a car. On his way home, Tohru stops at a sushi restaurant, which turns out to be the base of operations for the Yokonowa. Two of their thugs mock him, having heard of his departure from criminal activity, but are then hung up by their collars by the irritated Tohru before he leaves.

The Yokonowa boss drives up alongside Tohru in his limo as Tohru is walking home through the rain, and offers him a ride in the luxury vehicle. He then attempts to convince Tohru to help his gang steal the Kyoto Octopus. Tohru's mother returns to the shop and begins bickering with Uncle again as Jackie leaves for the expo. Tohru, walking again, contemplates his situation and his mother's disapproval, and then overhears Jackie as he is leaving.

Tohru meets up with the Yokonowa again, seeming to accept their offer and telling them about Jackie's presence as a means of gaining their trust. He is tasked with eliminating Jackie. At the expo, Jackie is doing his rounds when Jade appears, and the Yokonowa then begin attacking with smoke bombs. Jackie begins to fight them, and Tohru joins him, having tipped Jackie off to the criminals' plans. However, the Kyoto Octopus turns up missing, and Jackie and Tohru are knocked out by another smoke bomb.

Jackie and Tohru awaken in the Yokonowa headquarters, hanging above a tank of water containing a shark. The criminals then call Uncle, demanding that he turn over the Octopus in exchange for the captives. Jade, who had taken it, gives it to Uncle, who leaves for the meeting accompanied by Tohru's mother. However, the boss reveals that his intent is to kill the pair once the ransom is delivered.

Uncle and Tohru's mother arrive, and soon end up in a fight with the Yokonowa thugs, both proving surprisingly formidable despite their age and stature. The boss then drops Jackie and Tohru into the tank, only for Jade to arrive. Jackie and Tohru find themselves facing the shark while Jade is thrown into a cupboard, and succeed in restraining the beast long enough to escape the tank. They then rescue Jade, while Uncle and Mama Tohru join them with the defeated thugs.

The boss, having hidden during the fighting, attempts to escape with the Kyoto Octopus, but is stopped when Jackie uses his own yo-yo to entangle his legs. Section 13 then arrives and takes the villains and the Octopus into custody, while Mama Tohru expresses her pleasure at her son's safety. Of course, while complimenting his friends for caring about him, she can't resist another shot at Uncle. Tohru and Jade then leave to attend the expo, leaving Jackie to try and stop the fight between the two elders.




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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Monday, September 24, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, April 20, 2002


  • Like "The Warrior Incarnate", this episode features a scene parodying Raiders of the Lost Ark, with a Yokonowa thug skillfully wielding nunchucks before being swiftly dispatched by Jackie.
  • One of the Yokonowa thugs attacks Jackie with a bonsai tree, yelling the word bonsai in the process; this a a nod to the term "banzai!"
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