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The Masks of the Shadowkhan
Season 4 Episode 1
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General Information
Setting San Fransisco, USA
Shendu's Palace, Hong Kong
Aired on September 13, 2003
Production Number 70
Written by Michael Jelenic
Directed by Frank Squillace
Produced by Frank Squillace
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The Masks of the Shadowkhan is the seventieth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Daolon Wong inadvertently awakens Tarakudo, the King of the Shadowkhan. Enlisting the aid of the Enforcers, Tarakudo sets out to free the spirits of his Oni Generals who have been magically imprisoned in Japanese masks.


Jade is studying for her State Capitals test and is complaining about how boring she finds it to be. She considers what Tohru is doing to be more fun. But in fact, while attempting to guess any magical symbols with Uncle, Tohru miraculously fails. Uncle reminds him that if he aspires to become a full chi wizard, then he must be prepared for when a new evil arises.

Meanwhile in prison, the Enforcers are on kitchen duty. In the midst of this, Daolon Wong is attempting to conjure up the Shadowkhan to aid in their escape. Instead, he awakens Tarakudo, a floating demon head, who introduces himself as the King of the Shadowkhan. Tarakudo emerges from the pot that Wong was placing his potion, before breaking out the Enforcers with his telekinetic abilities, in order to acquire their assistance in rebuilding his army, while leaving Wong in prison. Captain Black arrives at Uncle's shop to inform Jackie about the Enforcers' escape. Black relieves Uncle that Daolon Wong remains in custody, upon which Uncle realizes that they are dealing with a new foe. Suddenly, Black receives a tip about said escapees attempting to reach their impounded jet, but as he once again tries summoning backup, Uncle grabs his cell phone and yells into it, exclaiming that "magic will defeat magic!" As the Chans and Tohru get in the van to confront this new evil, Jade attempts to tag along, only for Jackie to remind her that she needs to study.

At the airfield, Tarakudo demands the Enforcers' loyalty. When they try refusing, he motivates them by threatening to drop barrels down on their heads. As Jackie and company arrive, the Enforcers ask Tarakudo to "bring on the ninjas", to which he states will take some time. As the Enforcers ready their jet, Tarakudo charges against the good guys. Tohru stands transfixed in horror, muttering only one word: Oni; Uncle, on the other hand, recognizes the foe as the symbol of the Shadowkhan. Tarakudo then attempts to kill the team with barrels, which the Chans and Black jump out of the way for. The latter then notices how paralyzed Tohru is and tries getting him to budge. He manages to succeed in getting Tohru's attention when he gets hit himself. Meanwhile, Jackie is trying to dodge all of the projectiles Tarakudo is firing at him. When he takes cover under a plane wing, he is surprised by Jade, who tries showing off that she knows the capital of Kansas, which she gets wrong. When Tarakudo hovers over them, he recognizes Jade as the "former Queen of the Shadowkhan", only for Jackie to grab her and run away, stating that his niece will not be returning to the dark side (to which Jade agrees).

The floating head sighs, seeing that Jade is young, before stun spells are fired at him by Uncle and Tohru, but they have no effect. Tarakudo then vanishes. At first, Uncle concludes that their spells did work after all, but Jackie concurs, witnessing the jet attempting to taking off. With Black's help, he manages to board the plane just as it lifts off, only to be blown out the door by the Enforcers. Luckily, Jade had also snuck aboard and managed to get to her uncle with a parachute.

While on a flight pursuing the Enforcers, Tohru has a nightmare, involving his childhood self being attacked by a yellow horned demon. When he wakes up, Jade unsurprisingly emerges from one of the cabinets, asking if he had a nightmare about the floating head. Tohru explains that the floating head reminded him of the Oni, hideous horned demons who would sneak into the bedrooms of disobedient children, tales which frightened him when he was a boy growing up in Japan. Intrigued, Jackie asks remarkedly what the Oni do with "disobedient" children whilst glaring at Jade, to which she sticks out her tongue. Completely creeped out, Tohru admits that Oni would consume their souls. Uncle dismisses the thought of Tarakudo being Oni, as everyone who has ever controlled the Shadowkhan has been Chinese, such as Shendu, Daolon Wong, and Jade, not Japanese like Oni. He feels that his claims are solidified after they learn that the Dark Hand have touched down in Hong Kong.

The trail has led them to Shendu's former palace. Uncle can guess that their quarry is trying to find something of magical value in Shendu's treasury. As they descend into the catacombs, Jade reminds Tohru that it's just a floating head. Meanwhile, Tarakudo shows the Enforcers a chest. They proceed to open it, expecting to find treasure, but are disappointed to find only a mask. Tarakudo explains that it was through this particular mask that Shendu and Wong drew their power to control the Shadowkhan. He suggests that Hak Foo try it on, only to be prevented from doing so by Jackie who leaps in and snatches it. Annoyed at yet another disruption from the Chans, Tarakudo demands to know their identity. Taking his question literally, Ratso starts introducing who the good guys are, before being blasted by Uncle. He then shouts, "Who else wants a piece of Uncle?!" Tarakudo states that he has no idea who he's dealing with. When asked to be enlightened, he introduces himself as Tarakudo before proclaiming himself as King of the Shadowkhan and Lord of all Oni, confirming that he's really Japanese.

Jackie tries tossing the mask to Tohru, only for Tarakudo to catch it telekinetically. Jade, Hak Foo and Chow attempt to grab it, only to bump into each other. The mask then falls onto Chow's face and begins to fuse with it. Tarakudo takes the other Enforcers away for "further preparations", leaving Chow to acquaint himself with his new powers, demonstrating his enhanced strength before summoning the Ninja Khan to deal with the Chans. In the midst of the fighting, Tohru is knocked down before Chow's feet. Chow then spooks him with a simple "Boo". Though Tohru is initially scared by his childhood fears, Jade urges him to face his fears. He attempts to charge at Chow, only to be picked up and tossed like a feather. Uncle deduces that to defeat the Shadowkhan, they need to remove the mask, so he orders Jackie to distract the Shadowkhan while he devises a mask removal spell. Jackie does so, as he leads the Shadowkhan through the catacombs. Meanwhile, the others find a kanji written in Japanese, which Tohru proceeds to translate, detailing how to defeat this particular Oni, the key ingredient of which being Japanese steel, but because Shendu's palace is located in China, there is none to be found. Jade figures a way out of their dilemma and locates a Ninja Khan's shuriken embedded in the wall, plucking it out and bringing it before Uncle, deducing that because the Shadowkhan are Japanese then logic dictates that their weapons must be as well. Jackie attempts to fend off Chow and his army of Ninjas, but gets knocked down to the floor. Before Chow can finish him off, however, the others show up with the spell finally prepared, casting it on Jackie which dabbles his hands with glowing green magic which enables him to mask off of Chow's face, causing the Shadowkhan to evaporate and disappear. Chow then runs away scared, after Tohru returns the favor with a "Boo" of his own.

At first, they think that they've won, only for Tohru to point to the kanji for "one more thing" (using one of Uncle's catchphrases). Meanwhile, Chow runs out to find no one waiting for him. He first thinks that he can be a free henchman, only to be telekinetically pulled back to Tarakudo, who considers the loss of the mask a minor setback, as their quest has only just begun.

Back in the catacombs, Tohru reads that in ancient times, Tarakudo terrorized Japan with his nine trusted Oni Generals. But his reign came to an end when the spirits of his generals were imprisoned within masks. And each general could summon a different tribe of Shadowkhan. Uncle states that they must find the other masks quickly before the forces of darkness do. Jackie then guesses that the masks were predictably scattered across the Earth, to which Tohru confirms. Tohru then adds that should the masks be brought together, their combined power can summon enough Shadowkhan to engulf the Earth in eternal darkness. Crying "Aiiee-yaaaahh!", Uncle then tells Tohru that, as the official know-it-all on the Oni, he must do research. On the side, Jade cheers on another quest, much to Jackie's chagrin.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, September 13, 2003