The King and Jade
Season 2 Episode 24
Episode 37
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on January 26, 2002
Production Number 37
Written by Steven Melching
Directed by Chap Yaep
Produced by Dean Stefan
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The King and Jade is the thirty-seventh episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jade befriends the boy king of Tangra when he comes to visit, and uses the Snake Talisman to get out for some much-needed fun. Unfortunately, this falls right into a plot to kidnap the young king and hold him for ransom - and one of his courtiers is working with the villains.


Jackie is forced to chase after a Mayan calendar wheel that drops free while being lifted by a crane, only to end up falling off a suspension bridge. He is rescued by Captain Black in a helicopter, and recruited to watch over the visiting King Lili of Tangra. Jade is excited by the news but denied permission to accompany Jackie. However, Captain Black's words inspire her to steal the Snake Talisman from Section 13's vault.

At the hotel, the unseen Jade learns that Lili is a child as she observes Jackie being introduced to him and his tutor Chaktar. As the sight-eager king leaves for a ceremony, Jade sneaks into his limo, noting the suspicious nature of two men she initially mistook for security. The pair attack Lili at the ceremony, but Jackie subdues them with some assistance from the invisible Jade. Back at the hotel, Lili is eager to experience the city more fully, only to find that his schedule and Jackie's security measures prevent him from doing so.

As the adults leave Lili alone to meditate, an invisible Jade attempts to escape, only to be distracted as the king turns on his TV to watch a baseball game. Unfortunately, she reveals her presence to him, but claims to be Jackie's partner as part of his security detail. He recognizes her artifact as a talisman, and then tricks her into showing him how to work it. Lili then escapes, and Jade manages to sneak out of his hotel room to try and find him.

Having overheard Lili express some of his desires, Jade follows him onto a cable car, and manages to expose him. Lili then explains that, contrary to Jade's expectations, his life as king is restrictive and uninteresting. Jackie discovers that Lili has gone missing, and after getting a call from Captain Black about the Snake Talisman's absence puts two and two together. Jackie and Chaktar set out to find the children, while the two men from before get a phone call letting them know that Lili is unprotected.

After some adventures, Jade and Lili are found by Jackie and Chaktar at Bay View Stadium, where the kidnappers then arrive. They drive away with Lili, and the kidnappers soon send a ransom note demanding that the crown jewels of Tangra be surrendered in exchange for the king. Jade pleads for the chance to help, but Jackie insists that she stay and await pickup by Captain Black. As Chaktar is leaving with the jewels and Jackie, Jade spots a tattoo on the back of Chaktar's neck that appears to match ones borne by the kidnappers.

Using the Snake Talisman again, Jade sneaks away to follow Jackie, and then interferes in Chaktar's delivery of the jewels. She confronts Chaktar over his supposed treason, but his tattoo proves to be entirely different. One of Lili's ministers proves to be the true mastermind, having intended to sell the crown jewels to finance his takeover of the kingdom. Using the Snake Talisman, Jade frees Lili, who then scares off the kidnappers.

Jackie then engages the minister in combat, and swiftly defeats him. Lili then presents both Jade and Jackie with medals for their kindness to him, before bidding Jade a fond farewell as he prepares to return home.




  • Kidnappers


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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, January 26, 2002
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, August 3, 2002


  • The title is a pun of the film "The King and I".
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