The Eighth Door
Season 2 Episode 26
Episode 39
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Demon Netherworld
Aired on February 9, 2002
Production Number 39
Written by Hilary J. Bader
Directed by Gary Hartle
Produced by Michael Goguen
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The Eighth Door is the thirty-ninth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Before Bai Tza can use another flood, Uncle uses a banishing spell to seal her away again. Unfortunately, Jade steps too close to the chi spell and is dragged into Bai Sa's portal. Meanwhile, the Demon Sorcerers communicate with and confront Shendu. In order to escape punishment, he promises that all seven of the Demons can use his own Portal – the only one left – to come back to Earth. A race against time ensues as the Chans work from both sides to both recover Jade and close the last portal for good.


The Chans-including a tagalong Jade-and Tohru witness Bai Tza propelling a tsunami towards a palace, which she has targeted for addition to her undersea realm. Uncle casts the spell to banish her, stopping the wave, but Jade gets caught in the spell's effect and sent with Bai Tza into the Netherworld. With the portal sealed, the three quickly realize that there is only one hope to rescue Jade: Shendu's portal. Jade, meanwhile, finding herself in the Netherworld, witnesses the gathering of the Demon Sorcerers following Bai Tza's return.

Shendu, thinking Hak Foo no longer useful, attempts to dismiss him, only for Valmont to strenuously object. The pair are then contacted by the other sorcerers, who intend to punish Shendu for failing to prevent them from being exiled to the Netherworld once again. Desperate, Shendu recalls his portal as well, and claims that he has found a means of opening his portal long enough for all seven of them to escape. However, Jackie and Tohru-having learned the location of the Dark Hand's hideout from Valmont previously-manage to steal the Pan'ku Box despite Shendu and Hak Foo's efforts to stop them.

In a jet provided by Captain Black, Jackie and the others are at a loss as to how to solve the Pan'ku Box. Shendu, traveling in Dark Hand jet, reveals that he was lying about finding a spell to free all his siblings. Uncle manages to contact Jade in the Netherworld, and learns of Shendu's claim that he can free all the demons, which he debunks. He then asks Jade for advice regarding the box, and Jade guesses that the triagrams upon the box are the answer.

Unfortunately, Jade is then captured by Hsi Wu, who found a camera that she dropped after eavesdropping on him and the other sorcerers. Brought before the demons, Jade tries to stall for time, and reveals to the group that Shendu was lying to them. Back in the human realm, Jackie solves the Pan'ku Box thanks to Jade's advice, and the portal is revealed to be located in Honk Kong. Upon reaching it, the three are surprised to find that the portal is located at the entrance of Hong Kong Moose World.

Before the trio can open the portal, Shendu and Hak Foo appear, with Hak Foo stealing the Pan'ku Box and driving off with it. However, Uncle has prepared for this, and throws Jackie a sword that they use to cast a banishing spell aimed at Shendu. Cast out of Valmont's body, Shendu ends up back in the Netherworld, and his siblings turn on each other as they scramble to reach the opened portal. However, their infighting allows Jade to make it to and through the portal, which closes permanently behind her.

Reunited with her family and friend, Jade celebrates by visiting Moose World, while Valmont celebrates his liberation from Shendu. As for the Fire Demon, he is less than thrilled, as the other demons close in on him in their wrath.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, February 9, 2002
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, March 30, 2002
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