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The Eight Immortals are eight warriors from Chinese legend. In the series, they were the ones who banished the eight Demon Sorcerers to the Netherworld and locked their portals with the Pan'ku Box. However, in their symbols was a portion of the banished Demon's chi that could enable anyone with its power.

The Eight Immortals are actual figures from Chinese legend (Taoism, specifically), being eight individuals who attained immortality and various other magical powers by various means, usually as rewards after being tested by a Taoist sage, Lao Tzu, or another immortal. The magical weapons and items used to banish the Demon Sorcerers in the second season are also associated with them.

In the Demon World Arc, Shendu wrote in the Book of Ages that all the eight Demon Sorcerers were never banished to the Netherworld, altering history by causing the banishment to never occur. Curiously, their symbolic items were still capable of banishing the demons. This meant that they acted behind the scene to ensure the demons could still be banished, regardless of the historical alteration. This can be seen in the banishment chi spells were easier to perform such as the Immortal symbols conjured up a portal that pulled the demons inexorably back into the Netherworld, not to mention chi spell ingredients were no longer required.

Powers and Abilities

The Immortals were masters of good chi magic and formidable martial artists as well. In the flashback, all of them defeated the 8 Demon Sorcerers with very little effort. They also created the Pan'ku Box to seal the demons' portals. Furthermore, the common items that represent their symbols are capable of banishing the each of the Demon Sorcerers back to the Netherworld.

The Immortals

Immortal Occupation Symbol Demon
Lan Caihe.png
Lan Caihe
Drunkard Sword Shendu
He Xiangu.png
He Xiangu
Maiden in waiting Flute Hsi Wu
Cao Guojiu.png
Cao Guojiu
Crippled begger Gourd Bai Tza
Li Tieguai.png
Li Tieguai
Patron of actors Castanets Tchang Zu
Lü Dongbin.png
Lü Dongbin
General Fan Xiao Fung
Han Xiang Zi.png
Han Xiangzi
Philosopher Lotus pod Tso Lan
Zhang Guo Lao.png
Zhang Guo Lao
Hermit alchemist Drum Po Kong
Zhongli Quan.png
Zhongli Quan
General Flower Dai Gui


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