The Chan Who Knew Too Much
Season 2 Episode 34
Episode 47
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
London, UK
Aired on April 27, 2002
Production Number 47
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Gary Hartle
Produced by Michael Goguen
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The Chan Who Knew Too Much is the forty-seventh episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Stonehenge is stolen. Jackie goes to England on an archaeological dig, and encounters a secret society that plans to destroy the modern world.


Jackie and Jade give Uncle a fax machine, but Uncle is uncertain about the new piece of technology. Jade picks up a newspaper, planning to show him how the machine works, when she spots the headline about Stonehenge's mysterious disappearance. She urges Jackie to investigate, but he insists that they leave it to "the proper authorities". He then reveals to Jade that he is taking her on an archaeological trip, and they end up exploring a castle near London, England.

Jackie ends up falling through a secret passage, and encounters a mysterious group of hooded wizards. They pursue Jackie through their stronghold, and he ends up running into Jade, with the pair eventually making their escape. Making their way into the city, they are attacked by more of the wizards, who they learn are called Magisters. Jackie and Jade attempt to fax a picture of their insignia to Uncle, but he reacts violently as the paper begins coming through.

Fleeing yet another group of Magisters, Jackie and Jade find a policeman, but he proves to be a member of the group as well. After a brief altercation, he summons several other civilian Magisters, forcing Jackie and Jade to take refuge in a museum. They end up in a fight with the four Magisters using medieval weapons, before the disguised villains begin using magic. Escaping yet again, the two decide to return to the Magisters' castle to figure out what they're up to.

Jackie discovers that the Magisters are an evil order dating back to the Dark Ages, and Jade finds that they are responsible for the theft of Stonehenge. Captured by the Magisters, the pair are then informed that Stonehenge is a powerful magical weapon. The Magisters intend to use it to destroy various cities across the globe and usher in a new Dark Age. Fortunately, as they are preparing to unleash their first magical attack, Jackie and Jade escape their bonds and begin interfering.

Jade manages to get Uncle on the phone while Jackie fights the Magisters, and Uncle sends spells through the phone to neutralize the Magisters' magic. However, the chief Magister completes the spell, but Stonehenge fails to destroy London as planned. British military forces then arrive and take the Magisters into custody, with Jackie pledging to give a full account on the Magisters' misdeeds. As the convoy drives away, with Jade bemoaning the continued mystery of Stonehenge's purpose, an alien spacecraft descends upon it...




Voice Talent


Jackie: (to Jade about the Magisters) We have to get help before they find us again.
Jade: Tch, from who? We’re fresh out of proper authorities. (She then stops running, and Jackie also stops before turning to look back at her) Anybody here could be another Magister. Captain Black has magic issues. The only person who will help us is Uncle — and he can’t even use a fax machine!
Jackie: You’re right — we are on our own. (smiles mischievously) So we had better find out exactly what they don’t want us to know.

Jackie: (about Uncle, when Uncle uses his “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao” chant to counter the Magisters’ magic through the cell phone Jade is holding) He can understand sending a spell through the telephone, but not a piece of paper?


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, April 27, 2002
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