Tchang Zu
Tchang Zu.png
Personal Info
Full Name Tchang Zu the Thunder Demon
Japanese Name (oni, "ogre")
Race Demon Sorcerer
Age Unspecified; 900+ years
Nationality Chinese
Sign ☳ (thunder)
Banisher Cao Guojiu
Weakness Castanets
Family Bai Tza (sister)
Dai Gui (brother)
Hsi Wu (brother)
Po Kong (sister)
Shendu (brother)
Tso Lan (brother)
Xiao Fung (brother)
Drago (nephew)
General Info
Portal Location Hollywood, Los Angeles
Previous Affiliation Enforcers
Debut Season 2 Episode 5
Closing Season 2 Episode 28
English Clancy Brown

"You! I shall prove that lightning can indeed strike twice!"
— To Jackie Chan

Tchang Zu is a Demon Sorcerer - specifically the Thunder Demon - and one of Shendu's seven siblings who were trapped in the Netherworld, making him one of the Demon Portals story arc antagonists of Season 2.


Tchang Zu's resembles a blue-skinned, reptilian humanoid with a muscular build that towers over humans. Besides Tso Lan, Tchang Zu is the only other Demon Sorcerer to be fully-clothed, as he wears an oriental-styled suit of armor.


In the Netherworld, Tchang Zu appeared to be quiet and reserved among the imprisoned Demon Sorcerers, almost never speaking up except for when Shendu first arrived there as a spirit. By comparison, when he was on Earth, he was somewhat more talkative. Tchang Zu overall apparently reserves talking for when he's not fighting his enemies or for immediately before a fight - unlike several of his siblings, he didn't waste any time or breath speaking when he was engaged fighting the Chan Clan, and he notably didn't say a word before immediately striking when he unexpectedly found the J-Team in Hsi Wu's tower in the Book of Ages-altered reality.

Like Bai Tza, Tchang Zu despises Shendu intensely; he venomously insisted that Shendu call him "Master" instead of "Brother" while Tchang Zu was free on Earth, and he was vocal about torturing Shendu as punishment for betraying the other seven Demon Sorcerers when Shendu first arrived in a spirit form. Shendu in turn, despite being submissive towards Tchang Zu as he was towards his other siblings, took a small amount of pleasure in irritating Tchang Zu when explaining why modern humans in Hollywood weren't frightened by the Thunder Demon. Amongst his family, Tchang Zu is apparently either the most unafraid to do the 'dirty work' when it comes to torturing Shendu or is just the most eager to inflict pain on the latter, as he was responsible for tormenting Shendu with a constant flow of lightning both times the latter was sentenced to eternal torment in the Netherworld.

Tchang Zu is somewhat bad-tempered, exploding at Shendu in response to the latter's "excuses" when he arrived in the Netherworld, and roaring in utter rage when he discovered his former palace had been paved over and replaced with a parking lot in the centuries he'd been trapped in the Netherworld.

Tchang Zu uses language in a somewhat poetic way ("I shall prove that lightning can indeed strike twice!"), which is ironically a trait he shares with his hated brother Shendu - Finn quipped while listening to one of Tchang Zu's speeches that the Thunder Demon was a "regular Olivier". Tchang Zu also displayed a taste for grandeur when choosing an East Asian-themed building in modern Hollywood as his temporary dwelling.

Despite his evident savagery; when Tchang Zu sought to claim his temporary dwelling in Hollywood from the surrounding crowds of humans, he merely attempted to scare off the crowds of human "infidels", and he didn't attack said humans when he discovered they were unafraid because they thought he was entertainment (even though this visibly infuriated the Thunder Demon). However, Tchang Zu still threatened to dramatically burn Los Angeles to the ground when he was inside his new dwelling with Shendu and the Enforcers.



In an ancient time described by Tohru in Relics of Demon Past as "thousands of years ago", Tchang Zu and his seven siblings terrorised the world, until they were defeated and banished to the Netherworld one-by-one by the Eight Immortals. Tchang Zu was specifically banished by Cao Guojiu. Shendu apparently escaped back to the earthly realm, and left his siblings including Tchang Zu trapped instead of attempting to free them, so the former could rule the entire Earth for himself in their absence. Tchang Zu's Demon Portal was located in the site of what is now Hollywood, California - his former-palace was also located a short distance away in the same area, though it has disappeared by modern times and a parking lot is built where it once stood.

The location of Tchang Zu's Demon Portal, and his visit to Hsi Wu's tower in the altered timeline in Demon World (Part 2) indicate that the two demons shared rule over most of the North American continent before they were banished.

Season 2

After Tchang Zu's release, he sought to reclaim his palace, only to find it had been paved over into a parking lot. He then attempted to claim the Chinese Theater for his abode but was banished again by the Chans.

Tchang Zu later confronted the J-Team in Demon World (Part 2) atop Hsi Wu's tower, but was banished thanks to Paco, who happened to have a pair of castanets.

Season 5

The Immortal castanet containing traces of his Demon Chi was found aboard the Oceanic, a sunken ship. It was claimed by Drago, who took over the Space Needle for access to its storms, which could enhance the thunder powers, but the Chi was removed by Uncle.

Drago absorbed the Chi later with the rest of the Demon Chi, and traces of it were invested in DJ Fist.

Powers and Abilities

Tchang Zu's powers consist mainly of creating powerful lightning bolts that he can shoot from his hands. He can also summon storms which he can use to channel more powerful lightning. Also, in the Netherworld, he was once seen traveling through the void standing on a storm cloud.


Season 2

Season 5


  • "Excuses! You desired the earthly realm for you alone!" The Stronger Evil
  • "Shendu! You may call me Master." And He Does His Own Stunts
  • "My palace! These humans have paved my paradise and constructed a..." And He Does His Own Stunts
  • "I will scorch this city to the ground while the sound of thunder resonates!" And He Does His Own Stunts


  • Tchang Zu's lightning-blasts in And He Does His Own Stunts are bright-blue, whereas in all other episodes they are yellow.
  • The first word of Tchang Zu's name is pronounced like "chong" in And He Does His Own Stunts, while in Clash of the Titanics it's pronounced like "chang". This may be to accommodate Drago's pun in the latter episode; "Tchang Zu. Tchang Zu very much."
  • When Tchang Zu was freed by the Pan'ku Box, his Demon Portal uniquely warped and bent its shape, and was flexible when he forced his way through it. When he was re-banished, and when he was banished in the Book of Ages alternate timeline, his portal took a straight and normal shape.
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