Shendu's Locator

The Talisman Locators are magically-enhanced objects used to find the Talismans or their powers.

Shendu's Locator

The first known Talisman Locator, also referred to as the Seeking Device, was made by Shendu's magic (in fact, it was forged from his own statue body) in The Power Within for the Dark Hand as a means to track down the Talismans. However, Tohru fell on it and it broke in The Dog and Piggy Show. It's shown again when Shendu uses it in Demon World (Part 2) to follow the Chans' trail after they steal several of the Talismans from him.

The locator was a torch-like clay sculpture with four dragons in its head, situated like the four compass points. When one of the Talismans is near, the eyes and mouth of the dragon pointing in its direction glow in yellow light. If the Talisman is right next to the locator, all dragon heads will glow.

Specific Locators

When the Talismans are destroyed and their powers scatter in the 3rd season, Uncle conducts locator spells and places them into specific objects, one for each Noble Animal.



Wong's staff glowing in the presence of the Talismans

  • Daolon Wong uses his magic staff to find the Noble Animals in the 3rd season. When one of the animals/talismans is near and the hole in the staff's end points in its direction, the hole glows a bright red light. However, it's shown in Little Valmont, Big Jade that Wong uses a spell to locate the individual animals.
  • Shendu's locator appears in the season 1 opening titles. It is subsequently replaced by the Pan'ku Box in season 2 and Tohru for the remainder of the series.
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