Taggart McStone
Taggart McStone
Personal Info
Full Name Taggart McStone
Nickname Captain Blood Pressure (Jade)
Alias Agent Tag
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Base of Operations Section 13
Occupation Spy
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 18
English Christopher Daniel Barnes

Taggart McStone is the number one agent of Section 13 who was believed to have retired.


Taggart McStone is a tall, well-built Caucasian man. He has green eyes with bags under them, short, brownish-blonde hair and thick eyebrows of the same color. He wears a long-sleeved, black shirt and green pants.


Agent Tag takes his job as seriously as he can. However, when he tried to retire, he just couldn't give up the spy job. He is shown to be overly cautious; this is shown when he used a fake identity for almost a year while waiting for a mission where he could reveal his identity.

He has a liking for Italian suits, and even said that "orange is not his color".

He lied about his mission to Captain Black and told him that he did everything, although he did admit that Jackie is a genius.


In Agent Tag, he is sent to a mission to stop Dr. Necrosis and his doomsday device. However, Jade managed to stow away in his jet. When they landed on Dr. Necrosis' island, Agent Tag knocked out one of Necrosis' henchmen and put on his uniform. When he noticed Jade, he wanted to abort mission and take her home. However, Jackie made the mistake of thinking he was one of Dr. Necrosis's henchmen and knocked him unconscious.

While he was sleeping, Jackie used him as a weapon and eventually left him on the floor in order to proceed. When the doomsday device went out of hand, Dr. Necrosis used it as a distraction and tried to escape. However, when he opened the elevator door, he found a now-conscious Agent Tag, who punched him in the face. At the end of the episode, Agent Tag told his own version of the story to Captain Black where he made it look like he was the hero and had to save the day.

Powers and Abilities

Taggart McStone is a professional spy, some even call him the best in the game.

He is a qualified martial artist.


He owns a blue briefcase with yellow accents that he can use as a jet, a jetpack, X-ray binoculars and a watch that, besides serving as a communicator and a recorder, also contains his mission log.


Season 2

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