Muscular T-Girl and her T-Troops

The T-Troop is the name of Jade's makeshift super-hero team, that first appeared in the episode, The Amazing T-Troop. Jade leads the team under the moniker T-Girl, and recruited three other members powered by talismans to make the T-Troop (T standing for Talisman). Jade with strength, Eggbert with levitation, Mordecai with heat beam eyes, and Super Moose with animation. The team was assembled to remove the Oni mask from Jade's dog Scruffy.

At the end of Season Five, the T-Troop was reassembled to fight Drago, and Jade used the Dog and Horse Talismans. Since Eggbert and Mordecai didn't appear to be present in LA at the time of the fight, it's likely Jade used the Rabbit Talisman to gather them.



The T-Troop in the finale.


Jade Chan's alias, of which she originally used all of the talismans to power herself, but later only used the Ox Talisman for super-strength, which also transforms her body and grossly inflating her muscles into a huge and muscular form in the process. The Ox Talisman has not been known to do this for any individual at any other time, including when Jade used it in Season One.


The former noble rooster, who was once powered by the Rooster Talisman's energies. He was able to make himself and others levitate. Later used the newly-created rooster talisman to help Jade by carrying it on the necklace or holding it with his mouth. He tends to work in conjunction with Mordecai by levitating him around, creating an airbourne offense.


The former noble pig, who was once powered by the Pig Talisman's energies. He was able to shoot heat beams from his eyes. Later used the newly-created pig talisman to help Jade by holding it with his mouth.

Super Moose

The stuffed animal of Jade's, based off of the comic book Super Moose in the Jackie Chan Adventures world, Super Moose was powered by the Rat Talisman, to come alive. While living, Super Moose has super-strength, speed, endurance, and could fly. Super Moose is adamant over keeping Jade's identity secret when she's T-Girl, and to keep his own identity secret.

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