Sutras of Raktajiba
General Info
Type Magical Text
Ability Drains the Ganges River
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 23

The Sutras of Raktajiba are an ancient evil text consisting of a 300 word incantation inscribed by skilled sorcerers onto a piece of sliver no larger than a grain of rice. Legend tells that if the sutras were to be returned to the Ganges River, the river would dry up.


Jumba, Portia Martindale and Dr. Weber planned on using the Sutras to dry up the Ganges and collect the centuries of artifacts and riches located on the river bed. However, none of them could carry the sutras over to India without Mohajah knowing due to his psychic powers. Mohajah was aware of Jumba's scheme and sent his disciples to take the sutras from him, only for Jackie Chan to intervene. Jumba then had the sutras implanted onto Jackie's mouth by secretly attaching it to a tooth filling. Because Jackie was unaware of the sutras on his person, Mohajah wasn't able to stop him from traveling to India via reading his mind. Mohajah did however discover the location of the sutras and Jumba and his accomplices captured Jackie before removing the sutras from his mouth. Following a brief skirmish, the sutras ended up falling down the sink and thus on its way to the Ganges River. Jumba and his accomplices cornered Jade in the sewers when she stopped the sutras from falling into the river, and Mohajah arrived in time to immobilize the three villains. Jackie then handed Mohajah the sutras to keep them safe.


Season 2

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