Snake Talisman
Snake Talisman
General Info
Name Snake Talisman
Type Talisman
Ability Invisibility
Sign Snake
Noble Animal The Snake
User Viper
Jackie Chan
Jade Chan
King Lili
First Apperance Season 1 Episode 4
Last Appearance Season 5 Episode 13

The Snake Talisman is one of the Twelve Talismans of Shendu. After Shendu was defeated and his powers scattered, the Snake Talisman was hidden away.


In the past, this talisman power was owned by a Noble Snake of the Chinese zodiac. At some point, Shendu drained its power into himself. When Lo Pei turned Shendu into a statue, the Noble Snake's power separated from Shendu in the form of the Snake Talisman and was scattered all over the world.

It was discovered in a secret passage in a cave near the Amazon River.

Powers and Abilities


The user of the Snake Talisman gains the power of invisibility. It also makes any clothes worn invisible, as well as the talisman itself. The talisman could also turn objects invisible. This is seen when Ratso makes the truck he's driving invisible by inserting the talisman into the cassette player (however, the passengers and the money stashed in the truck remained visible).


The Snake Talisman was first sighted in the Season 1 episode "Enter the Viper". It was found in a secret passage in a cave near the Amazon River. Jackie obtained it and put it in his pocket for safekeeping until he could get to Section 13, but an archaeologist named Wesley Rank who was at the same cave (as he was filming for an episode of a show called Just the Artifacts) took it from Jackie's pocket when he wasn't looking. Rank sold it to a local pawn shop, but his camera man, Dino Stephenson, recovered it and donated it to the New York Museum. Later, it was stolen by an elusive female criminal named Viper from the museum. She then used it to steal precious jewels in New York City. Jackie later recovered it from her, and she decided to go straight afterwards.

Later Appearances

"The Powers Unleashed" Jackie destroys the talismans with a full power laser blast. With no host for the powers of the talismans, the talismans go back to the corresponding animal of their zodiac.

In The Rock, Jackie finds a Snake Talisman, only for it to be fake and bite Jackie. This would poison him.


Season 1

Season 2


  • There are instances in the show when a character will activate the talisman just before an opponent strikes at them which causes them to dodge the attack and leaving their aggressor confused. However, the Talisman does not increase speed and only makes them invisible so it wouldn't be helpful in dodging attacks at the last second.
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