Snake Hunt
Season 2 Episode 3
Episode 16
General Information
Setting Temple of Culebra Gigante, Brazil
San Francisco, USA
Aired on September 22, 2001
Production Number 04
Written by Kevin Campbell
Directed by Andy Thom
Produced by Michael Goguen
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Snake Hunt is the sixteenth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie and Jade set out to find the Snake Talisman in a cave in South America. They cross paths with an egotistical "archaeologist" shooting for a TV show. After catching wind of their quest the "archaeologist" steals the Talisman. Things become more complicated after the Dark Hand shows up.


Jade enters a a set of caverns only to encounter Jackie, having defied his orders to remain at their hotel. The two discover that the caverns, which are the hiding place of the Snake Talisman, have already been entered by Wesley Rank, host of an archaeological program entitled Just the Artifacts. Wesley, who is clearly more interested in being a camera focus than any actual archaeological work, is infuriated by their arrival. However, when Jackie attempts to leave, he bumps straight into the Enforcers, who soon attack.

During the fight, Jade discovers that a chalk drawing Rank and his cameraman discovered includes an image of the Snake Talisman. Overhearing her, Rank has his cameraman film the drawing in closer detail. The fight awakens a flock of bats, which the Enforcers and the Chans flee from. Returning to the cave, Jackie and Jade discover that Rank has destroyed the drawing.

Rank glories in his exclusive footage, unaware that Jackie, Jade, and the Dark Hand are looking for something even more important. Sneaking into Rank's camp at night, Jackie and Jade steal Rank's tape and watch it, but flee after being spotted by Rank. Rank begins to suspect that there's more going on than he knows, while Jackie, deducing that the drawing was a map, orders Jade to go back to their hotel. Instead, she sneaks back to the cave ahead of him, and the pair find a secret entrance to the Temple of Culebra Gigante.

Seeing the talisman in a carving in the ceiling above them, Jackie climbs for it, only to find that the cave is infested with snakes. He manages to elude them and remove the talisman, but drops it only for Rank to snatch it before Jade can catch it. Jade attacks the imposter archaeologist as he takes credit for recovering the artifact during a recording, only for the talisman's removal to trigger the temple floor's movement. Rank attempts to leave through what he mistakes for a newly revealed exit, only to come screaming back into the chamber as the giant snake, Culebra Gigante, emerges.

Seeking to protect the talisman from the would be thieves, Culebra goes after Jackie, who throws Jade to safety while riding the beast. Rank's cameraman uses his camera's light to blind Culebra, only for Rank to climb to safety using a vine dropped by Jade. He forces Jackie to throw him the talisman and then abandons them; fortunately, Jade throws the vine back down, allowing Jackie and the cameraman to escape. Culebra knocks aside the blinding camera and pursues them, but soon leaves upon realizing that they no longer have the talisman.

Rank runs straight into the Enforcers, and Culebra attacks Tohru after he steals the Talisman from the unscrupulous archaeologist, who swiftly takes it back only to surrender it to Jackie. Noticing this, Culebra goes after Jackie, slamming Tohru into a wall and awakening the bats yet again. Jackie runs into Rank while fleeing them, and Rank then joins him, Jade, the cameraman, and the Enforcers in fleeing. Culebra, having chased Tohru out of its caves, retreats, while Rank and the Dark Hand swim away from piranha in the river.

Jackie, having run to safety, realizes that he no longer has the talisman, Rank having stolen it from him when they ran into each other. Later, Jackie and Jade watch the latest episode of Just the Artifacts, only to discover that Rank has been replaced as host by his cameraman, Dino Stefanson. Dino then reveals that Rank sold the talisman to a pawn shop, but that the crew of the show recovered it. They then donated it to the New York Museum, meaning that Jackie and Jade know their next destination.





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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, September 22, 2001


  • This episode takes place during season one, specifically serving as a prequel to "Enter the Viper".
  • When Tohru emerges from the cave covered in bats, his silhouette resembles Batman.
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