Simone Magus
Simone Magus
Personal Info
Full Name Simone Magus
Race Human
Family Simon Magus (ancestor)
Unnamed mother
General Info
Base of Operations Middle School
Occupation Student
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 20
English Kate Higgins
You may be looking for Simon Magus.

Simone Magus is a classmate of Jade Chan, and a descendant of the noble wizard Simon Magus, who long ago imprisoned Spring-heeled Jack. The legend of this confrontation was passed down through their family, but came to be dismissed as little more than a story. Simone later learned the truth while putting on a school production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, when Spring-heeled Jack came looking for her to seek revenge on the Magus family. Fortunately, the intervention of Jade and her uncle Jackie prevented Spring-heeled Jack from taking his vengeance.


Season 2

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