Simone Magus
Simone Magus
Personal Info
Full Name Simone Magus
Race Human
Family Simon Magus (ancestor)
Unnamed mother
General Info
Base of Operations Middle School
Occupation Student
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 20
English Kate Higgins
You may be looking for Simon Magus.

Simone Magus is a classmate of Jade Chan, and a descendant of the noble wizard Simon Magus, who long ago imprisoned Spring-heeled Jack. The legend of this confrontation was passed down through their family, but came to be dismissed as little more than a story. Simone later learned the truth while putting on a school production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, when Jack came looking for her to seek revenge on the Magus family. Fortunately, the intervention of Jade and her uncle Jackie prevented Jack from taking his vengeance.


Season 2

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