Simon Magus
Personal Info
Full Name Simon Magus
Race Human
Status Deceased
Family Simone Magus (descendant)
General Info
Base of Operations The Bizzaritorium, San Francisco (formerly)
Occupation Magician
Museum curator
Debut/Closing The Return of the Pussycat
You may be looking for his similarly-named descendant, Simone Magus.

Simon Magus is a deceased sorcerer who defeated Spring-heeled Jack and turned him to stone. He stored the troll in a museum called the Bizzaritorium he had founded in San Francisco. There, he stored other strange things from around the world, as well, like a taxidermied Bigfoot.

A century after Spring-heeled Jack's imprisonment, he is accidentally released by Jackie Chan's Yin side. The troll starts seeking out any descendants of Simon Magus in order to eat them as revenge. He finds one of those descendants with his keen sense of smell: Simone Magus, a student attending the same school as Jade. Fortunately, she is saved by the Chans and Spring-heeled Jack is reimprisoned.


  • Simon Magus (also known as Simon the Magician or Simon the Sorcerer) was a practitioner of magical arts who lived in Samaria and a minor figure in the New Testament who tried to buy from the apostles Peter and John the ability to grant the Holy Spirit on those they touch, only to be reprimanded for his greed and told to repent before God while he still could.
    • Since Spring-heeled Jack is mostly reported in the 19th century's English folklore, it's unlikely that this Simon Magus is the figure from the New Testament.
  • Given that his descendant Simone Magus shares his last name, it is presumed that Simon was the father of a child before his death.
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