Episode Summary

Season One Episode Six: The Rabbit Talisman is discovered embedded in the shell of the giant tortoise named Aesop on a Pacific island. Aesop is revealed to have been brought in at the local zoo as both Jade and Valmont had seen this report on their televisions. Jackie examines the tortoise to see how to remove the talisman, when the aquarium had been attacked by The Dark Hand. Jackie fails to save the tortoise as The Dark Hand flies away on their private jet. Valmont, seeking to aquire more wealth tells his henchmen to take the tortoise to his friend, Nivor, a wealthy man who enjoys feasting on exotic animals. Ratso turns out to have been left behind at the zoo, and is told to meet the others at a certain location. Jackie and Jade decide to follow Ratso. Jackie tricks Jade into thinking they were taking a taxi, only for Jade to find out she was going home with Uncle, who she tricks into thinking she is a Rabbit Demon. Jade meets up with Jackie at a pier, as they watch Valmont's men sell the tortoise to Nivor, as they had already removed the talisman. Jackie starts following The Dark Hand though Jade insists that he must save Aesop. Jackie decides that he must retrieve the talisman first before getting to Aesop. While Jackie continues after The Dark Hand, Jade sneaks into Nivor's yacht to try to save Aesop. But Aesop is to heavy and does not even bother moving. Once Jackie gets to Toru, he tries taking the talisman from Toru's hand, only to accidentally activate its power. Toru, now moving at lightning speed starts beating Jackie up. As Toru shoots towards Jackie for a finishing move, Jackie tips a barrel full of oil, which causes Toru to slip and release the rabbit talisman, which he also ends up tipping their jet over. Jackie looks for Jade, only to see the yacht had left the area and is quite far from him, now. Jackie thinks about how to get over to the yacht, remembering the rabbit talisman's ability to grant the holder lightning speed. Jackie is now able to run across the water and reach the yacht. Shendu furious with Valmont for sending his men to sell an animal instead of bringing the talisman straight to him punishes his men and sends Shadowkhan to finish the job of retrieving the talisman. After Jackie took down Nivor's chef, who was just about to prepare Aesop, the Shadowkhan appear. Jackie moves quickly, knocking down many of them with ease. Using the same trick, one of the Shadowkhan pulled down a barrel of oil, causing Jackie to slip and release the talisman. Jade, now in danger from Nivor, spots the talisman and puts it on Aesop, granting him lightning speed. Jade and Aesop moving so fast, grab Jackie and escape the yacht heading home. Aesop is back at the zoo and the rabbit talisman is now in Section 13.


  • Shendu is revealed to shoot fire from his mouth, even in statue form.
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