Shanghai Moon
Season 2 Episode 15
Episode 28
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Cape Canaveral, USA
Space Station Niagara
The Moon
Aired on November 10, 2001
Production Number 28
Written by Alexx Van Dyne
Directed by Chuck Drost
Produced by Michael Goguen
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The Lotus Temple
Shanghai Moon is the twenty-eighth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The Dark Hand must travel into space to free Tso Lan, the Moon Demon. Jackie and Jade travel along as stowaways on their stolen shuttle and must hold off the demon so Tohru can arrive on the reserve shuttle with the Chi Spell ingredients. With Uncle handling the incantations from NASA Mission Control, they must seal the Demon Sorcerer back in the void before he uses his gravity-manipulating powers to change the face of Earth forever.


Having unlocked another Pan'ku Box map, the Dark Hand travels to Cape Canaveral-over the Enforcers' objections-to take a shuttle into outer space to reach the portal of the Moon Demon. Captain Black alerts Jackie to this development, but the pair manage to trick Jade into thinking that Jackie is leaving on a boring trip. However, she later spots him and the Dark Hand on television at launchpad of a shuttle. Jackie, seeking to prevent another demon's escape, follows the Dark Hand aboard the shuttle just before it launches.

As the shuttle is leaving Earth's atmosphere, Valmont becomes aware of what's taken place, and then discovers that the shuttle's only crew is a chimpanzee named Cosmo. Jackie, meanwhile, is forced to climb up through the separating sections of the rocket carrying the shuttle into orbit. He then encounters Jade, who has made her way there using the Rabbit Talisman, eager to use the trip for research for her school science project. The Dark Hand arrives on the space station Niagara, and cuts off surveillance from Earth's surface.

Section 13 takes over mission control, and prepares to send Tohru on another shuttle to cast the banishing spell if necessary. Aboard the station, Jackie and Jade steal the Pan'ku Box and jettison it into space. After eluding the other Enforcers, Jackie pursues Hak Foo outside the station to prevent him from recovering it. As the two engage in zero-gravity combat, Jade accidentally drops the Rabbit Talisman.

Cosmo surprises Jackie and Hak Foo by flying out and recovering the Pan'ku Box, bringing it back aboard the station. The station's orbit then carries it into line with the portal, which is opened to release Tso Lan. The demon then announces his intention to ravage Earth's surface by moving the moon out of its orbit. However, Jackie then returns, and with Jade's help forces the Dark Hand into a garbage capsule that they then jettison from the station.

Tohru, having flown to the station, arrives just as Cosmo alerts Tso Lan to Jackie and Jade's hiding place. Using the recovered Rabbit Talisman, the pair launch an oxygen tank at him, only for him to leave the station and fly towards the moon. As he begins spreading his power over gravity across its surface, Tohru rendezvous with Jackie and Jade. The pair then board one of the shuttles with Cosmo, and quickly make their way to the moon using the Rabbit Talisman.

Jackie is soon confronted by Tso Lan, and discovers that the lotus pod needed to banish the demon has ended up inside his spacesuit. As Uncle recites the incantation to send him back to the Netherworld, Jackie unplugs an air hose to release the lotus pod. Tso Lan is thus exiled, and Jade celebrates what she anticipates will be a highly successful science project.





Voice Talent


Chow: I say we vote. Anyone who doesn’t want to go orbital, raise your hand.

Chow: Space makes me nauseous.

Chow: (about Tso Lan) Why couldn’t it have been the Earth Demon?


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, November 10, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, March 2, 2002
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