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Personal Info
Full Name Shadowkhan
Alias The Dark Ones
Race Demon
Status Imprisoned in a Mask
General Info
Affiliation Tarakudo
Oni Generals
Shadow Realm
Previous Affiliation Shendu
Jade Chan
Daolon Wong
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Closing Season 4 Episode 13

The Shadowkhan are tribes of ninja-esque, shadow spirit warriors from the Shadow Realm. While some are reminiscent of ninjas, most others simply look like red-eyed, blue-skinned creatures wearing black suits.


The Shadowkhan first appeared in the first season, working for Shendu. It was revealed in the fourth season that they are originally from Japan, and that there are nine different types (or tribes), each controlled by an Oni Mask. Shendu managed to control one tribe of them using the power of one of the nine masks.

Powers and Abilities

All Shadowkhan tribes can travel through shadows and are deadly, each in their own way. The nine tribes' combined power can engulf the Earth into eternal darkness and erode all good magic.


The Shadowkhan can be summoned in several ways through a dark magic spell, through the use of an Oni Mask or through the tattooed Mark of Tarakudo. Tarakudo and his Oni Generals have the ability to summon their respective Shadowkhan tribe naturally.

Tribes of Shadowkhan

  • Ninja Khan
    • The most human-looking of the Shadowkhan, clad in ninja clothing and sporting weapons such as shuriken and katanas; very skilled in infiltration and martial arts. They are the most commonly summoned of the tribes, specially in the first two seasons.
  • Razor Khan
    • Similar to Ninja Khan, but with pointed legs and sharp blades for fingers. They are extremely fast, can cling to any surface, and slice through nearly anything.
  • Bat Khan
    • Shadowkhan possessing bat-like wings and only one eye. They are capable of flight and are one of the faster tribes, and can even craft lasers or ropes from shadows.
  • Sumo Khan
    • Incredibly huge and muscular Shadowkhan dressed like shinobi. They are the strongest and most durable of the tribes, rivaling the power of any user of the Ox Talisman.
  • Samurai Khan
    • Shadowkhan dressed in black samurai armor; equipped with blades that can cut through most substances, even metal.
  • Squid Khan
    • Considered the scariest tribe, they have two tentacle-like arms that have the power to stretch and extand however far they want.
  • Crab Khan
    • One of the stronger tribes, they have both a crab-like pincer arm and an arm resembling a claw.
  • Mini Khan
    • Tiny, leech-like beings which resemble miniature sharks, they can devour shadows in order to grow bigger.
  • Mantis Khan
    • Shadowkhan resembling praying mantises. They were only seen very briefly, so much information about them is unknown.



  • The specific varieties of Shadowkhan are not officially named in-universe; this wiki refers to them by some common nicknames.
  • Shadowkhan can use Talismans even if they're not commanded to. A Ninja Khan was seen using the Snake Talisman to fight Jackie and Viper in Enter the Viper.