Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is an alternate dimension where the shadows lie and it is here where the Shadowkhan tribes originate from. According to Uncle, it is the one place no mortal would dare enter. The realm is an empty red or black void filled with an eery mist-like sky and the only beings that reside within are the Shadowkhan tribes and demon snakes. The Shadow Realm also acts as a sort of nexus that when accessed, can transport anyone to any place in the world, however for humans to access it, they need the aid of dark magic, such as Shadow Magic. The Shadowkhan can even enter the dreams of others via the Shadow Realm.


The Shadow Realm depicted on one of the Hana Fuda cards

It is here where Tarakudo hid his Oni Mask meant to contain him. Tohru, using a tattoo of Tarakudo, traveled into the Shadow Realm to retrieve it.


Season 4

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