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Section 13 is a secret government organization that is led by Captain Black. It has many operatives within it under his (and later Jade's) command. Section 13 is based underground in San Francisco, California (specifically within North Beach[1]) where Jackie Chan Adventures takes place. To access Section 13's underground facility, one must enter a high-speed elevator disguised as a telephone booth in an alleyway above the base, or by taking the stairs.



The main function of Section 13 in the series is to store the various mystical artifacts gathered throughout the series in order to keep them hidden and safe from evil forces. These artifacts include:

  • The Twelve Talismans of Shendu: They remained attached to a cone-shaped piece in the center of their own special containment unit for every season except for Season 3 when they were destroyed by Jackie. At the end of Season 3, all twelve Talismans were returned to their containment unit alongside the statue form of Shendu. Jade regularly visits this unit for "Talisman raids" to take the talismans and use them to fight evil or for her own enjoyment. In The Amazing T-Girl, an upgraded security system involving an electrified floor around the talismans was installed, but ending up causing the Talisman powers to enter Jade's body.
  • The Noble Animals: Immediately after the destruction of the Talismans, the Talisman powers were released and found new hosts in the form of twelve noble animals. The nine noble animals that were captured by the Chans were housed together within their own containment unit where they were feed and looked after. When the powers were restored into a new set of Talismans, the noble animals were returned to their original homes, except for Scruffy who continued to live at Section 13.
  • The Oni Masks: The Oni Marks were hung up on a wall in the same room as the talismans after each one was retrieved by the Chans. However, when all 9 masks were successfully brought together at Section 13, they immediately all crumbled and released the Oni Generals they were made to contain.
  • The Demon Chi: The demon chi powers were contained in a special containment unit housing large glass cylinder that kept the powers safe. In the penultimate episode of the series, Tohru and Jade remove the canister from the room when they were blackmailed by Drago to do so.

Infiltrating Section 13

Because of the fact that many desired artifacts are stored here, villains will typically attempt to infiltrate Section 13 to steal them. The Dark Hand was unaware of Section 13's location in Season 1, and Shendu attempted to find out by possessing Jade and having Captain Black unknowingly take him there, only for him to take them to Moose World.

At the start of Season 3, the Enforcers manage to sneak into Section 13 along with Daolon Wong who does so with his magical powers. After the Talisman powers where released into animals, Uncle cast a spell to prevent Wong from re-entering Section 13 where the Noble Animals were kept.

When Section 13 held the Oni Masks during Season 4, some onions were hung by the entrance to keep Tarakudo away.

In Season 5, Captain Black had to install heat and motion sensors to keep Drago from returning to Section 13.


Notable agents of Section 13 are Captain Black, the head of the organization, Jackie Chan, a main free agent, Kepler, technology designer and creator, and Taggart McStone, a highly praised field agent who utilizes some of Kepler's inventions in the field. Oliver is a high-ranking agent who temporarily led the organization in Captain Black's place after the latter was WIA by Valmont with the Dragon Talisman. Mickey is another known agent.

Future of Section 13

In the future, Jade runs Section 13, until she is pushed to desk work when she accidentally destroys a donut store with the Dragon Talisman. A Section 14 opens up on the east coast, and Captain Black is relocated to there when he passes Section 13 on to Jade.



  • According to Jackie, Section 13 serves donuts on Thursdays.