Season 5
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General Info
Aired September 11, 2004 - July 8, 2005
Opener Relics of Demon Past
Finale The Powers That Be (Part 2)
Episodes 13
Story Info
Main Villains Drago

Ice Gang

Main Story Arc The Seven Demon Chis
The fifth and final season of Jackie Chan Adventures premiered on September 11, 2004 and concluded on July 8, 2005. It consisted of 13 episodes.


The Chans are caught in the middle of a race against time as Future Jade battles Shendu's son Drago in order to prevent him from getting the Dragon Teeth and reviving his father. Managing to thwart Drago's plan they imprison the mini-demon in Section 13. After the completion of the Oni mask quest Drago breaks out of Section 13 and targets mystical items imbued with the demon chi of his aunts and uncles; the Eight Demon Sorcerers. Strikemaster Ice and his crew make a re-appearance and are recruited by Drago.

Slight changes are made in the opening sequence. This season is the last of Jackie Chan Adventures finalizing with the Powers that Be: Part II.


Main Protagonists

Secondary Protagonists

Main Antagonists

Secondary Antagonists



# Title Comic Book
1 Relics of Demon Past Relics of Demons Past
After Uncle discovers an alignment of bad Chi stars, Drago escapes from Section 13. Jade, meanwhile, has trouble controlling her belching habits. Drago recruits the Dark Hand Enforcers, transforming them into his dragonic minions. Jade accidentally takes the power of Xiao Fung and begins a strange metamorphasis. Drago and his cronies proceed to her hunt her down and claim the Chi.
2 It's All in the Game All in the Game
Uncle creates a device that can detect and hold a Demon Sorcerer's Chi, which Jade dubs the "Chi-O-Matic." It proves effective when the Immortal Gourd that was used to banish Bai Tza, the Water Demon, appears in Hawaii, as an award on a local game show where families compete against each other. The Chan clan joins the show to recover the Gourd, and must engage in wacky physical challenges to earn the prize.
3 Black and White and Chi All Over Black and White and Chi All Over
It's Jade's birthday, but there's no time to celebrate. The Immortal Flower that imprisoned Dai Gui, the Earth Demon, surfaces in a San Diego florist's shop. The Chans travel to collect it, only to meet Drago and his new dragon-powered crew: Strikemaster Ice and his cronies! The Chans manage to absorb the Earth Chi, but a new battle occurs when the Chi of Tso Lan, the Moon Demon awakens in a lotus pod at a nearby zoo.
4 Dragon Scouts Dragon Scouts
Jade leaves the Buttercup scouts for the Dragon Scouts, a boy group where she meets three rather obnoxious children. It is revealed that they are the Enforcers' nephews, who don't know about their uncles' criminal past since the Enforcers don't want the boys to turn out like them. Nevertheless, Jackie and Jade suspect both uncles and nephews of foul play.
5 The Demon Beneath My Wings The Demon Beneath My Wings
After the Chans are able to extract the Sky Demon Chi from the immortal Flute at an Australian Amusment Park, Jade takes the Chi-O-Matic on a class field trip to a supposedly haunted house. Unfortunately, Uncle failed to drain the Chi from the device, and Jade's teacher Ms. Hardman confiscates it. She soon absorbs Hsi Wu's chi and begins to transform into the Sky Demon.
6 Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror
Uncle takes Jackie, Jade, and Tohru to his old home town, which will soon be submerged because of a new dam. They accidentally enter a temple containing evil mirror spirits, who possess the Chans and bring their worst fears to life: Jade becomes a donkey, Jackie's head becomes huge, Uncle becomes mute, and Tohru becomes just like his mother.
7 Antler Action Antler Action
The Chi containment unit breaks and the Chi of the Demons is released. All of it is recovered, except for that of the Earth Demon. It becomes infused with Jade's friend Larry, a comic book geek who uses the power to become 'Spectacularry'. However, as the Chi begins to corrupt him, Larry is confronted by both the concerned Chans and Drago's minions.
8 Clash of the Titanics Clash of the Titanics
While Uncle is suffering from a disease, the Chi of Tchangzu, the Thunder Demon, reveals itself to be aboard a sunken ship with the letters A-N-I-C in its name. Despite Jade's first reaction, it is not the Titanic, but a vessel called the Oceanic.The Chans engage in an aquatic race against the Ice Crew and fight for Thunder Chi.
9 Stealing Thunder Stealing Thunder
Drago discovers that lightning enhances his already impressive Thunder powers, leading him to take over the Seattle Space Needle. As the Chans pursue him, they are outmatched by his new powers.
10 Weight and See Weight and See
Tohru is put on a crash diet by Jade, and is extremely displeased with it. Drago, furious at his previous defeat, decides to take out the Chans with an all out assault. First, however, both groups are drawn to an artifacts collection in Canada that contains a pair of chopsticks that were made from the Immortal drumsticks, used to banish the Mountain Demon, Po Kong. When Uncle and Jackie arrive home, they fall asleep searching for the right chopsticks amid a large pile they had to take. Tohru takes the chopsticks for his midnight snack, and becomes infused with the Chi.
11 J2 Revised J2 Revised
While on vacation, the Chans recover half of an ancient artifact known as the Chi Arcanum. Jade brings her friend Jimmy, a timid boy who is always picked on, to Uncle's shop where he sees the Arcanum. Later, a mysterious Chi wizard steals the Arcanum from Section 13 and escapes into a time portal, followed by Jade. She finds herself in the future, and bumps into her future self from J2, who reveals the name of the wizard: Iso.
12 The Powers That Be (Part 1) The Powers That Be Part 1
Strikemaster Ice and his men capture Jackie, Uncle, and Captain Black with the ransom of delivering the Chi Containment Unit now that it has all the Demon Chi. Jade decides to have Tohru create a spell to try to ruin Drago's plans. During the meeting at the Golden Gate Bridge, Strikemaster Ice and his crew turn on Drago in an attempt to take the Demon Chi for themselves. However Uncle is able to remove the Demon Chi but before it can be moved into the Chi-O-Matic, Drago uses a spell to absorb all of it.
13 The Powers That Be (Part 2) The Powers That Be Part 2
The Chans are able to escape and Drago punishes his men for their treachery. While Tohru takes Jade to Section 13 to keep her safe, Uncle also goes. He heads to the vault where Shendu is and Shendu offers his help to which Uncle says no. Uncle heads back to his shop to find a way of stopping Drago and some unexpected visitors arrive: Finn, Chow, Ratso, and Hak Foo, because they also don't want to see the world destroyed as well. Meanwhile Jackie and Captain Black head out with Section 13 agents to stop Drago but the Ice Gang stop their attack in an attempt to regain favor with Drago. Drago infuses each of them individually with traces of the Wind, Thunder, and Earth Demon Chi's and orders them to destroy Section 13. While searching for Drago by helicopter Jackie and Captain Black notice a bus that is about to fall off a bridge and try to pull it out of danger and succeed when El Toro, Paco, and Viper show up to help, allowing the passengers (Which includes Valmont) to escape. The Ice Gang attack Section 13, Jade decides to use the Talismans to fight back, but it is too late, Section 13 is crumbling to the ground, so at Tohru's insistence Jade uses the Rabbit Talisman to escape alone. The rest of the J Team arrive at the baseball stadium where Drago is and try to fight off the Ice Gang but are losing badly. Meanwhile Uncle and the Enforcers arrive at the ruined Section 13 looking for something and find Tohru in the rubble. Jade arrives with her T-Troop to assist the J-Team and gives the Rabbit, Ox, Snake, and Dragon Talismans individually to Jackie, El Toro, Viper, and Captain Black and they fight off the Ice Gang. She also gives Paco the Sheep Talisman in order to prevent him from interfering. Uncle then arrives and reveals that he has restored Shendu to his humanoid form knowing that "Demon must fight Demon" and Shendu fights off Drago. Jade realizes that Shendu needs all his powers so she orders everyone to toss their Talismans at Shendu. Following on Tohru's idea, both he and Uncle cast a Chi Spell that opens a gateway to the Demon Netherworld. In the end, Drago and Shendu are sucked into it as Ice and his men are restored to their human forms and try to escape only to be cut off by El Toro and Paco. Uncle decides that Tohru is now a Chi Master and no longer needs any training, Captain Black offers Jade a job at Section 13, which Jackie says he will think about it and everyone laughs when Jade thinks Jackie will say no. In the Demon Netherworld, Shendu and Drago float around, arguing. Now that Shendu is complete and trapped in the Demon Netherworld along with Drago there are no more talismans or demon chi.

Hidden Dragon Talismans

Throughout the season, 2-3 times an episode a larger-than-normal Dragon Talisman appears briefly in the background of a static shot.

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