Season 3
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General Info
Aired September 14, 2002 - May 3, 2003
Opener Re-Enter the J-Team
Finale Attack of the J-Clones
Episodes 17
Story Info
Main Villains Daolon Wong


Main Story Arc The Twelve Noble Animals

The third season of Jackie Chan Adventures premiered on September 14, 2002 and concluded on May 3, 2003 on Kid's WB. It consisted of 17 episodes.


Valmont is freed from Shendu's possession when the Chans banish him and his siblings back to the netherworld. Due to the major expenses from the previous seasons' artifact hunts, Valmont is rendered bankrupt and the Dark Hand is no more. With nothing to lose, Valmont orders his three enforcers to break into Section 13 and steal the Twelve Talismans of Shendu.

They encounter the Dark Wizard Daolon Wong who has just arrived to San Francisco for the same purpose. To stop anybody from getting the Talismans again, Jackie destroys them with a powerful laser cannon. However, this merely releases the powers held within which then relocate to the Twelve Noble Animals - restarting the Talisman hunt from season 1, only now they must compete with Daolon Wong who has now transformed the enforcers into his Dark Chi Warriors after Uncle imprisoned his original set. The Chans must find and secure each animal gifted with their ancestor's power before Wong can attain the powers for himself.


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# Title Comic Book
1 Re-Enter the J-Team Re-Enter the J-Team!
Criminal Mastermind Chang holds a tournament seeking worthy fighters to become his bodyguards. Hoping to foil his plan Jade sends in members of the J-Team as contestants.
2 The Powers Unleashed Powers Unleashed!
The Enforcers and Doalon Wong invade Section 13 to steal the Talismans. In an act of quick thinking Jackie obliterates the Talismans with a laser. The Talismans crumble and the powers scatter. Uncle tells Jackie that while the Talismans can be destroyed the powers cannot and have scattered to possess the chosen animal of that sign.
3 Viva Las Jackies Viva Las Jackies!
Locating the noble tiger the Chans hed to Las Vegas to obtain Sasha, a circus tiger in a Vegas act. However things become complicated as Doalon Wong appears and the tiger not only activates the power to split herself but also Jackie.
4 Aztec Rat Race Aztec Rat Race
Jackie and Jade travel to Mexico to find the noble rat of the Zodiac. Assisted by El Toro and Paco the four come across the rat and a reanimated statue of Quetzalcoatl who mistakes Jade as a goddess and El Toro as the God of the Underworld.
5 Monkey a Go-Go Monkey a Go Go!
A construction worker accidentally awakens the Monkey King who is bent on getting revenge at the Chans. Jackie and crew find the noble monkey and travel to Hawaii to locate it. Doalon Wong also travels to seek the shapeshifting power of the monkey.
6 When Pigs Fly When Pigs Fly!
Jackie and Jade head to Malaysia after finding the noble rooster of the Zodiac. Successfully capturing the bird Uncle then locates the pig and tells Jackie to head to Kansas. The rooster and the pig team up to create a formidable duo while Jackie tries to explain to the pig's owner while the owner stubbornly refuses to listen. Things become difficult as Doalon Wong appears.
7 Rabbit Run Rabbit Run!
The noble rabbit of the Zodiac poses as a jackalope mascot for a football team in Wyoming. A denied football player soon discovers the rabbit powers and uses it to his advantage.
8 Sheep In, Sheep Out Sheep In, Sheep Out!
The Chans discover the noble sheep and head to Scotland. Doalon Wong who also located the sheep intercepts the Chans. The sheep activates the Astral Projection power and wanders freely. After the Enforcers constant failure Wong banishes them to limbo and uses the Shadowkhan to steal the sheep power and inflict permanent astral form to Jackie and Jade.
9 The Invisible Mom Invisible Mom!
Jackie and crew travel to India to locate the snake and find that Tohru's mother has come to make a sudden visit to see her son. Jackie gets bitten by a cobra and is incapacitated for an amount of time. Tohru's mother accidentally uses the power of the snake to turn herself invisible. She uses this power to play tricks on Uncle and to further protect her child despite Tohru's wishes.
10 A Jolly J-Team X-Mas N/A
The Chan Clan is looking forward to Christmas. However their help is needed at the North Pole as Doalon Wong plans to steal Santa Claus' good chi and enhance his powers. Jade assemble the J-Team to stop Wong and Jade and Paco assist Tohru who is filling in the jolly man's shoes.
11 Little Valmont, Big Jade Little Valmont, Big Jade!
Doalon Wong reduces Valmont the size and age of a child. Hoping to be cured of his affliction Valmont seeks the help of the Chan's who have discovered the noble horse and travel to London to retreive it. Meanwhile Jade, tired of being ignored due to her stature, concocts a growth spell which allows her to "grow" and cause more trouble for Jackie.
12 The Ox-Head Incident The Ox-Head Incident
The Chans seek the noble ox and find it in the Himalayan Mountains. Hak Foo attacks Doalon Wong only to be turned into a dark Chi Warrior. Uncle transfers the ox power into his body for safekeeping, however his spiritual head is captured by Wong.
13 Animal Crackers Animal Crackers!
The Chans successfully safeguard the ox in Section 13. At school Jade attempts to impress the kids at her school by bringing in the Zodiac animals at a show-and-tell stand at her school fair. However havoc breaks loose as Doalon Wong appears to claim the powers.
14 Tohru Who? Tohru Who?
Valmont uses an amnesia potion to re-recruite Tohru and start anew his Dark Hand crime syndicate. Jackie, Jade, and Uncle travel to locate Valmont and Tohru. Unfortunately Tohru does not recognize the Chans and attacks Jackie bent on destroying him.
15 Re-Enter the Dragon Re-Enter the Dragon!
The Chans attempt to find the last power, the noble dragon, but fail. Doalon Wong seeks the power as well and contacts Shendu, the one and only dragon known. Using a spell Wong summons Shendu before the Chans could foil his plan. Shendu double crosses Wong and takes the power for himself as well as the other twelve powers.
16 A Night at the Opera A Night at the Opera'
Uncle takes Jackie, Jade, and Tohru to the Chinese Opera and reacquaints himself with his old friend "Beetle Brows" who is now owner of the Opera House. Jade takes interest into the Opera and the strange makeup which allows the actors to pass through walls. Jackie is preparing an exhibition for an ancient artifact only to find that actors from the Opera are stealing the artifact.
17 Attack of the J-Clones Attack of the J-Clones
Criminal mastermind Chang has escaped from prison and concocted clones of the J-Team. The clones are within the ranks of the genuines and plan to destroy them from the inside.
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