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General Info
Aired September 9, 2000 - March 17, 2001
Opener The Dark Hand
Finale Day of the Dragon
Episodes 13
Story Info
Main Villains Valmont/Shendu


Main Story Arc The Twelve Talismans

The first season of Jackie Chan Adventures premiered in September 9, 2000 and concluded on March 17, 2001 on Kid's WB. It contained 13 episodes.


Jackie is recruited by Section 13 to search for twelve magic talismans scattered across the globe, in order to stop a criminal organization known as the Dark Hand from using them to revive an ancient demon sorcerer, Shendu. When the tiger talisman is split in half, so is Jackie, and his dark half hands over the talismans, allowing the Dark Hand to reanimate Shendu. Shendu travels to China to summon his dragon army to destroy all of Asia. Jackie pulls the talismans out of Shendu, causing him to transform back into a statue, and Jade destroys him. However, this leaves a vacuum to be filled by a new more powerful evil force.


Main Protagonists

Secondary Protagonists

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# Title Comic Book Novelisation
1 The Dark Hand Operation Talisman The Dark Hand
Jackie joins Section 13 to stop the Dark Hand from getting the Rooster Talisman that he finds embedded in a shield in a Bavarian castle. He must also deal with his niece, who has flown in to live with him.
2 The Power Within The Power Within Jade's Secret Power
Jade accidentally swallows the Rooster Talisman giving her the ability to fly and lift things with her mind.
3 The Mask of El Toro Fuerte The Mask of El Toro Fuerte Sign of the Ox
Jackie goes after the Ox Talisman in Mexico and finds it attached to the mask of undefeated Mexican wrestler El Toro Fuerte.
4 Enter the Viper Enter the Viper Enter... the Viper
Jackie and Jade must stop elusive female criminal Viper from using the Snake Talisman to steal precious jewels in New York City. But it all goes wrong when Jackie is arrested as a jewel thief.
5 Project A, for Astral Project Astral Shendu Escapes!
Jade accidentally uses the Sheep Talisman to astrally project herself and has her body stolen by the demon Shendu so that he can enter Section 13 and retrieve the Talismans from the vault. Shendu ends up getting a free trip to MooseWorld with Captain Black, giving Jade the chance to reclaim her body by entering Jackie's dreams.
6 Shell Game The Shell Game A New Enemy
The Rabbit Talisman is discovered embedded in the shell of the giant tortoise named Aesop, and Jackie must both retrieve the Talisman and protect the rare creature from an evil millionaire who wishes to eat it.
7 Bullies Rage of the Dragon Revenge of the Dark Hand
Jade is getting bullied in school and after his men are able to steal the Dragon Talisman from Jackie, Valmont uses it to steal money from the United States Mint against Shendu's wishes. Things get worse when Captain Black is hospitalized during Valmont's robbery, which causes Jackie to develop a personal grudge in taking Valmont down. Jackie must put his anger aside and use his head if he is to stop Valmont from robbing Fort Knox.
8 Tough Break Tough Break The Power of the Rat
Jackie becomes injured due to Jade's Gnome Cop action figure and later, Jade accidentally drops the Rat Talisman into Gnome Cop's battery storage and it comes alive, causing no end to its and Jackie's handicapped fun.
9 The Rock Stone Cold Chan Stronger Than Stone
After Jackie succeeds in taking the Horse Talisman from the Enforcers in the North Pole, Valmont lures Jackie into a trap at Mount Rushmore and infects Jackie with a poison he received from Shendu. Jackie is now slowly turning to stone, and to receive the antidote, Valmont demands that Jackie deliver all the Talismans in the Section 13 vault.
10 The Dog and Piggy Show Dog and Piggy Show Uncle's Big Surprise
After Tohru fails to stop Jackie from getting the Dog Talisman, Valmont hires Hak Foo to retrieve the Pig Talisman from Jackie, Uncle and Jade in Bavaria.
11 The Jade Monkey Monkey Business The Jade Monkey
Jackie, Jade, and the Dark Hand enforcers are washed up on an island in Micronesia after fighting over the Monkey Talisman. Jade becomes a monkey, but another monkey steals the talisman and she is unable to change back.
12 The Tiger and the Pussycat Double Trouble Day of the Dragon
Jackie gets the Tiger Talisman and its power splits Jackie into his light and dark sides. The Dark Hand recruit Dark Jackie to steal the Twelve Talismans from Section 13's vault.
13 Day of the Dragon Day of the Dragon Day of the Dragon
Shendu retrieves all twelve talismans and transforms into a humanoid dragon. Now, he is on the loose and ready to destroy the entire continent of Asia. Jackie, Uncle, and Jade must find the demon and annihilate it before Asia is dismantled. Uncle makes a magic potion that allows Jackie to penetrate Shendu's skin to steal the twelve talismans back.
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