Personal Info
Alias Dog Talisman
Race Dog
Nationality American
Sign Dog
General Info
Affiliation Noble Animals
Jade Chan
Previous Affiliation Tarakudo
Debut Season 3 Episode 2
Closing Season 4 Episode 3

Scruffy was the Noble Dog who was empowered by the Dog Talisman's energy, giving Scruffy immortality. Scruffy lost his powers at the end of Season 3 to Shendu when he drained the Noble Animals' powers. Scruffy then stayed as Jade's dog at Section 13.


Scruffy was very disobedient and once was sent to obedience school, until Jade took him out. The Chans still love him regardless, except for Uncle, who thinks animals shouldn't be in his store.

In the Season 3 episode Re-Enter the Dragon, after Jade and then Jackie ask if Scruffy can be kept as a pet (since he was a stray when they first found him), Captain Black agreed when he queried "Who else will fetch my slippers?", thus showing that he also has taken a liking to Scruffy.

Scruffy was once possessed by the evil Oni mask, and given control over winged Shadow Khan. Jade gathered together the T-Troop to defeat him, Eggbert, Super Moose, and Mordecai were the members. They eventually removed the mask, and Scruffy was freed. The episode The Amazing T-Troop was Scruffy's final appearance in the series.

Oni Scruffy

Oni-masked Scruffy (or "Spike")


Season 3

Season 4


  • Even though Scruffy stays at Section 13 as Jade’s pet, he isn’t seen nor mentioned following his appearance in season 4. He isn’t even present during Jade's birthday, whereas Eggbert and Mordecai are.

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