Immobilizer scroll

This is the magic that Lo Pei uses. He is best known for the spell first seen in "Project A, for Astral" that reduced Shendu to a statue form. This spell also sealed away the demon's magic into twelve talismans. The only way for Shendu to break out of this magical imprisonment would be for him to retrieve all twelve of the talismans, which encouraged Lo Pei to use all his magical skills to scatter and hide the twelve keys to breaking the spell.

To this end, Lo Pei also has other scrolls stored in the sleeves of his robe, handy for whenever he needs assistance for combat, for transportation, or for otherwise ensuring that he is not prevented in his quest to conceal the talismans. As shown in their one on-screen episode, he uses each scroll by bringing it out of his sleeve and calling its name.

  • Energy Scroll - This scroll projects a powerful beam capable of stunning opponents or blasting apart structures and obstacles.
  • Immobilizer Scroll - This Scroll temporarily paralyzes his targets, even to the point where they cannot move so much as a finger.
  • Levitation Scroll - This scroll causes objects to float through the air as long as he maintains the spell, allowing him to fly or to move heavy objects.

Scroll magic was not only used by Lo Pei, however. The events of Re-Enter the Dragon revealed that Daolon Wong had researched the same sealing spell that turned Shendu into a statue nine-hundred years ago. Uncle knew this and interrogated his nemesis for the spell. Then, with the help of Section 13's staff, Uncle conducted the spell on the revived Shendu, turning him into a statue again and reforging the talismans.

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