General Info
Name Sasha
Alias Tiger Talisman
Type Noble Animal
Ability Spiritual Balance
Sign Tiger
User Daolon Wong, Uncle, Shendu
First Apperance Season 3, episode 2
Last Appearance Season 3, episode 15

Sasha is a noble tiger who received the Talisman power of Balance when the Talismans were destroyed. Sasha originally belonged to Helmut and Ulf as part of a Las Vegas stage act.


The Chans sought after Sasha in order to protect her power from the Dark Chi wizard Daolon Wong. Jackie snuck into her cage disguised as an Elvis impersonator and attempted to take her using a chain. However, her power then activated which caused her to split into two forms - a friendly creature and a ferocious beast (yin and yang). Daolon Wong found the yin half and could not acquire the Talisman power as he needed the yang side as well. His Dark Chi Warriors found the yang half and brought it to the other animals. Wong attempted to absorb the power from both of the tigers at the same time, but they stopped him when they rejoined by leaping at each other at the same spot where Wong was standing, causing him to disappear in a puff of smoke. Sasha was then taken to Section 13 along with the other noble animals.

Sasha eventually lost her power back to Shendu and was later presumably returned to her owners in Vegas.

Yin Sasha

Sasha's Yang and Yin sides about to reunite


Season 3


  • Sasha is the only noble animal confirmed to be a female.
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