Santa Claus
Personal Info
Full Name Santa Claus
Race Unknown
Family Mrs. Claus (wife)
General Info
Base of Operations North Pole
Occupation Gift-deliverer
Debut/Closing Season 3 Episode 10
English David Kaye

Santa Claus is a mystical figure who - like the myth states - commands a group of elves in the North Pole and delivers presents to all the children during Christmas Eve using his flying reindeer. He possesses a potent amount of good Chi, and, as such, is made the target of the Dark Chi Wizard Daolon Wong.


Daolon Wong infiltrates Santa's workshop and attacks him just as he's about to commence his Christmas duties. Santa's elves issue a code red and secure Santa into his house, using elf magic to barricade it from dark magic. As the elves start to swarm, Daolon Wong creates a force field around Santa's home and makes the entire area disappear into thin air.

The elves visit Uncle to help them defeat Daolon Wong, due to him having good credentials from the nice list and being the good counterpart to Daolon "The Grinch". As Uncle and the J-Team work to find Santa and save Christmas, Daolon starts using his dark magic to break the barrier created by the elves, but their good magic is too powerful. However, Daolon realizes that the chimney is sealed off and uses it to enter the house. Daolon ties Santa to his chair using magically-conjured snakes and starts to absorb his chi, stating that his soul is black as coal when Santa pleads with him. Just as Daolon begins the process, Uncle locates the Santa's house and breaks apart Daolon's force field. The J-Team then crash through the roof of Santa's house and El Toro Fuerte charges at Daolon who teleports out of the way, causing him to charge at Santa while breaking through the walls of the house and freeing Santa. With no more dark barrier, Santa uses his belt to signal his reindeer, who've been in Tohru's control since he has been filling in for Santa.

Daolon Wong summons are army of evil snowmen to fight the J-Team and momentarily stops Santa from escaping, until engages Daolon in a magical duel. Daolon eventually wins the duel and the snowman close in around the J-Team and Santa. Before Daolon can absorb anymore of Santa's chi, he is defeated when he is hit by Santa's reindeer. Santa then returns to doing his job, as Tohru has only made 3 stops.


Season 3

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