Royal Medicine
General Info
Name Royal Medicine
Alias Horse Talisman
Type Noble Animal
Ability Healing
Sign Horse
User Jade Chan, Valmont, Shendu
First Apperance Season 3, episode 11
Last Appearance Season 3, episode 15

Royal Medicine is a British race horse and who was given the power of the Horse Talisman, making her a Noble Animal.



Royal Medicine appears to be a normal horse. She has white fur and a gray mane, and is seen with a blue racing mask over her face. Her eyes are blue.

Powers and Abilities

Royal Medicine, while she possessed the power of the Horse Talisman, was capable of healing any injury.


Royal Medicine is first seen in the episode Little Valmont, Big Jade. She is in a stall at the racetrack stables when Uncle and Jackie Chan discover her. When they are attacked by the Dark Chi Warriors, Jackie and Uncle escape on Royal Medicine, riding through the streets of London. Eventually, Valmont is able to take the reins while they are distracted, attempting to heal himself from the curse that turned him into a child. However, he is unsuccessful. Jade is able to rescue Royal Medicine, and she is later seen in a safe stall in Section 13's vault.


Season 3


  • Jackie was able to find Royal Medicine based on her name, which is a reference to the power of the Horse Talisman.
  • In the interview with Jackie Chan after the show, he stated that he enjoyed working with horses on one of his film sets.
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