Rooster Talisman


Also known as:
The rooster thing (by Jade)
Levitation talisman
Place of origin:
Hong Kong, China
King Ludwig's castle, Bavaria, Germany
Used by:

Discovery of the Rooster Talisman

The Rooster Talisman was first sighted in the first episode of season one "The Dark Hand". This talisman was discovered by Jackie Chan in King Loodwicks castle in Bavaria. Jackie Found this talisman completely by accident when he picked up a shield that had the Rooster Talisman embedded in it. Jackie choose this shield be cause he was trying to escape from King Loodwicks Treasure which was set off by a booby-trap triggered by one of Jackie's followers. But at the time of its discovery Jackie Had no idea of what the shield was. He was later contacted by The Dark Hand because they wanted to "purchase" it from him. Jackie did not discover the importance of the talisman was until the end of the episode. The use of the talisman was not discovered until the second episode when Jade accidentally ate it, and used it.

Power of the Rooster Talisman

The user of the Rooster Talisman gains the Power of Levitation/Telekenisis (the ability to move objects with your mind). The stronger the person's willpower and strength, the more weight and speed can be achieved. Combining this power with the Rabbit Talisman allows for supersonic flight.

Later Findings of the Rooster Talisman

In "The Powers Unleashed" Jackie destroyes the talismans with a full power laser blast. With no host for the powers of the talismans, the talismans go back to the corresponding animal of their zodiac. The Rooster Talisman's power returns in "When Pigs Fly", to a rooster named Eggbert who was found hovering around the Patronas Towers in Malaysia. He was later taken to Kansas, where he made friends with the noble pig, Mordecai. Jade named the rooster Eggbert. Eggbert went on to live with farmer MacDonald. He reappeared in "The Amazing T-Troop", when Jade gave him the Rooster Talisman to try to free Scruffy from the Shadowkhan mask. He reappeared yet again with the Rooster Talisman in "The Powers That Be (Part 2)" to fight demons summoned by Drago.


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