Oni General #1
Oni 1
Personal Info
Race Oni
Age 800+
Nationality Japanese
Status Imprisoned in a Mask
Shadowkhan Ninja Khan
Weakness Japanese Steel
Mask Wearer Chow
General Info
Occupation General
Affiliation Shadowkhan
Oni Generals
Previous Affiliation Feudal Japan
Partner General #9
Mask Debut Season 4 Episode 1
Debut/Closing Season 4 Episode 13

Oni General #1 is one of Tarakudo's Oni Generals who could summon the Ninja Khan. His mask was worn by Chow.


This general has green hair, red eyes and two yellow horns.



Hundreds of years ago the nine Oni generals were sealed in masks, where they were helpless and could not use their powers.

At an unknown point in time, Shendu found his mask and means to tap its power indirectly, letting him summon the Ninja Khan without wearing it. Shendu hid the mask in his palace.

Season 2

This same mask's powers were later briefly accessed by Jade Chan in Queen of the Shadowkhan, when she tattooed the symbol of Tarakudo on her leg.

Season 3

In Sheep In, Sheep Out, after Shendu was banished into the Netherworld, Daolon Wong used a spell to draw power from the very same symbol. However, his magic powers were taken away and he was no longer able to control the Ninja Khan.

Season 4

In The Masks of the Shadowkhan, a freshly awakened Tarakudo and the Enforcers traveled to Hong Kong in order to get the mask. Tarakudo wanted Hak Foo to wear it. However, much to Hak Foo's disappointment, the mask ended up being on Chow's face by accident. It was later removed by using the shuriken of a Shadowkhan as a reagent.

In Ninja Twilight, after the nine masks was joined together, all of the Oni generals were freed and tried to destroy the world. Number 1 was walking with Number 9 to one of the four corners of the earth. They were briefly defeated by Jackie and Super Moose but Tarakudo managed to capture them. After Jade put Tarakudo's mask on his face, all the Oni and Shadowkhan were imprisoned within.


Season 4


  • Shendu used the power of this mask to summon the Ninja Khan and Daolon Wong used a spell to summon the same tribe.
  • Along with Number 8, they are the only Oni generals whose body doesn't resemble their respective Shadowkan tribe.
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