Railroad Worker
Personal Info
Race Human
Status Deceased
General Info
Base of Operations The Old West
Occupation Sheriff
Previous Occupation Railroad Worker
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 12
English Noah Nelson

The Railroad Worker was a friend of the Hong Kong Kid in the Old West. The Old Peddler was envisioned as Tohru in Jackie's telling of the novel The Hong Kong Kid.


The Railroad Worker spied on the Mayor when he consulted Shendu about taking out the new sheriff. Shendu caught him and seemingly blasted him with magic. The Railroad Worker then came into the Sheriff's office - roughed up and exhausted - to warn him that the bad guys will "be using powerful-, um" before collapsing to the ground. After the sheriff took care of the Mayor and his lackeys, he passed his badge onto the Railroad Worker and made him the new sheriff of the town.


Season 2

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