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Project A, for Astral is the fifth episode in JCA.
[[File:Sheep.png|thumb|The Sheep Talisman with the power of astral projection]]Project A, for Astral is the fifth episode in JCA.

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The Sheep Talisman with the power of astral projection

Project A, for Astral is the fifth episode in JCA.

Jackie finds the sheep talisman in a train and is attacked by shadowkhan.The talisman is retrieved by the enforcers who are in a helicopter.They shoot down the rails using missiles but Jackie escapes and takes back the talisman.Jackie arrives at Uncle's shop where Jade is waiting for Jackie to take her to melvin world but Uncle insists that he helps Uncle find what power it holds but Jade steals the talisman activates it and thus astral projects her soul from her body.She realizes that she can fly through walls and flies to melvin world.Meanwhile the enforcers sneak into the shop and take the talisman from Jade's body.The enforcers give the talisman to Valmont and claim they fought Jackie to get it until Ratso states they got it of a sleeping child.Shendu realizises that the child has projected her soul and her body is waiting to be possessed.He flies to Jade's body and possesses it when Jade arrives and finds her body possessed.Shendu/Jade tells Jackie that he/she wants to go to section 13.Jackie tells Captain Black to pick her up and about her wanting to go to melvin world.Jade tries to warn Jackie but he can't see or hear her.Uncle figures out the power of the talisman and says astral bodies cannot be heard or seen unless they enter someone's dreams.Jackie falls asleep doing chores and Jade enters Jackie's dreams and warns him about Shendu but Jackie doesn't believe her meanwhile Jackie is sleepwalking and stops at the edge of the terrace.Jade finally convinces Jackie when he falls of but he awakens and saves himself.Shendu/Jade instead of being taken to section 13 is taken to melvin world by Captain Black.Jackie warns Uncle about the situation and Uncle says he will find a chi spell while Jackie finds Jade.Jade follows Jackie to melvin world where he tries to convince Black that Jade/Shendu is evil but Jade/Shendu knocks out Captain Black and summons the shadowkhan.Jackie fights them on a rollercoaster track while Shendu rides the rollercoaster in an attempt to kill Jackie.Uncle calls Jackie and tells him to put Jade/Shendu on phone so that he can recite the chi spell.Jackie succeeds in doing so and Uncle casts the spell expelling Shendu from Jade's body resulting in the shadowkhan disappearing.Jade quickly repossesses her body and apolagises to Jackie for letting The Dark Hand get the talisman but Jackie states that Jade also saved the rest of the talismans.

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