Portia Martindale
Personal Info
Full Name Portia Martindale
Race Human
Nationality British
General Info
Occupation Archaeologist
Affiliation British Museum
Dr. Weber
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 23
English Kat Cressida
Portia Martindale is an archaeologist at the British Museum and Mr. Jumba's accomplice.


Jackie was hired by Jumba to take some photos over to an archaeology conference at Calcutta. At the conference, Jackie was approached by Portia to talk about the photos and was immediately charmed by her beauty. Portia took Jackie to the balcony to get some better lighting where she gave Jumba and Dr. Weber the signal. She then suggested that she and Jackie go for a walk, but their plan was interrupted when Mohajah's disciples crashed the conference after Jackie.

Portia followed Jackie's trail on motorcycle as he ran through the streets of India trying to escape the disciples, and Jackie was eventually captured by Jumba. After removing Jackie's filling containing the Sutras of Raktajiba and revealing their plan to use it to drain the Ganges, Portia tried to eliminate Jackie and his niece with a full blast of radiation, only for curry powder to be thrown her way. Portia was later immobilized by Mohajah along with the other two and was presumably arrested.


Season 2

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