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Po Kong


Demon Sorceress
Po Kong (Japanese Name: Daikaiju (Giant Monster))
Demon Sorceress of Mountain
First appearance
Last appearance
Color and appearance
Green, large enormously fat misshapen body with moldy yellow lumps, tiny legs and arms, red eyes, and Japanese hairstyle. She is the largest of the Demon Sorcerers.
Eye color
Immortal banisher and item
Elder Zhang Guo Lao (Drum)
Portal Location
Tokyo, Japan
Trigram Symbol
Voice actresses
Mona Marshall

Po Kong was the Demon Sorceress of Mountain who hailed from a family consisting of herself as well as seven siblings and later on her nephew Drago.


The Demon Sorceress of Mountain, she was banished by the Immortal Zhang Guo Lao. Po Kong's portal is located in her former domain of Japan. It is, like several other doors, contained within a regular door. When she was released, She attempted to devour Jackie. However, she was overwhelmed by an army of Jades. Using a drum found at the site, the Chans then banished her once more. Po Kong appeared in Demon World, Part 2, and attempted to devour them again. However, Tohru was enslaved in her domain, and aided the Chans by banging on a nearby drum to banish her. Po Kong's Chi was located in the Canadian city, Quebec, within a pair of chopsticks, made from the Immortal drumsticks that banished Po Kong. Tohru accidentally absorbed the Chi when he used the chopsticks to eat a midnight snack of pork fried rice. Drago managed to very briefly absorb the Chi, but it was drained from him along with his own. But was later reabsorbed with the rest of the Demon Chi in the final confrontation with Drago.
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