Petrifying Venom
Stone Venom
General Info
Name Petrifying Venom
Type Magical Venom
Ability Transformation of living creatures into stone
User Valmont
First Apperance The Rock
Last Appearance The Rock

The Petrifying Venom is a magical venom that transforms any living creatures it comes in contact with into stone. One drop of it is sufficient enough to transform an insect instantly, but a human afflicted with the venom transforms gradually, with the painful transformation being complete in twelve hours. Before time is up, body parts transform one by one and with increasing quickness as the time limit nears.

After the Enforcers lose the Horse Talisman to Jackie, Valmont devices a plan to force him to hand it over along with the other Talismans stored in Section 13. For that end, Shendu has a Shadowkhan provide the venom for Valmont who then hides it inside a forged Snake Talisman that he places in Mount Rushmore as bait. When Jackie retrieves the fake Talisman, its needle mechanism injects the venom into his bloodstream. Valmont appears, explains the venom's properties and proves his words by turning a fly to stone. He then reveals that there is an antidote against the venom and offers it in exchange for the Talismans, decreeing Coit Tower as the meeting place and 6 a.m. as the meeting time.

Uncle tries to create an antidote himself with futile results as Jackie's right hand little and ring fingers turn to stone. When he refuses to give in to the Dark Hand's demands, Jade steals the Talismans from Section 13's vault and goes to pay the ransom herself. When Jackie arrives to stop her, his nose and entire left leg transform. When Tohru realizes that the Horse Talisman isn't in the ransom, he destroys the antidote. During the ensuing fight, Jackie's torso and left arm transform, the stony body parts giving him an unexpected advantage against the Enforcers.

When Jade throws the little too late provided Horse Talisman into Jackie's hand, the time limit is reached and he turns fully into stone. Fortunately, the Talisman's accidental recuperation of Tohru's cold gives Jade and Uncle the realization of the Talisman's healing powers, and Jade activates the Talisman, restoring Jackie back to normal.

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